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To learn more about the type of roles you can have at FINEOS, please read the profiles of some of our existing employees.

Moussa RamadanIvan

Eoin, Head of Product Management, Ireland

The best thing about FINEOS, is the opportunity to experience new challenges and develop new skills.

FINEOS trusts people who have proven themselves at one level to step up and take on new challenges, always with excellent training, mentoring and support.

My career progression has been from the detail of requirements analysis and feature design through to larger-scale product architecture and now heading up the Product Management team.

In Product Management we are focused on researching new and innovative features to take the product forward. So my current role empowers me to influence the overall direction of products whose detailed features I once worked on.

The role brings direct exposure to the latest trends and topics in enterprise applications, from portals and mobile to Software-as-a-Service. FINEOS makes real and continuous investments in improving its products, so there is always the opportunity to see ideas come to fruition.

As one of the (relative!) old-timers, having been with FINEOS for 14 years, I have certainly seen plenty of change and growth, from 25 people in a converted Georgian residence to a market-leading globalised company. We have somehow retained the best characteristics of a smaller organisation. The culture is one of energy, co-operation and yes, a good deal of fun.

FINEOS is of a size where it is big enough to properly resource new initiatives and yet small enough to embrace change quickly. It is big enough to be committed to adopting worldwide best practice, but small enough that its staff know each other personally and interact directly, positively and informally.

Product Management in particular is a uniquely positioned team with touchpoints into almost all aspects of FINEOS' business including sales, engineering, pricing, marketing and implementations, giving us a 360 degree perspective on the workings of a software company.

I enjoy working directly with FINEOS clients around the world (the opportunity to travel to exotic and not-so-exotic global locations is another bonus!). Our clients are like business partners, and we are fortunate to have friendly relations based on co-operation for mutual success.

Yang, Financial Accountant, Ireland

I have been working in FINEOS for three years now. Prior to joining FINEOS I worked as an external auditor in a small firm. FINEOS appealed to me because it was a vibrant multinational company.

It has certainly been a good move for my career, as in the years I have been at FINEOS, I have gained very useful cross- business exposure, and my perspective and international accounting and tax knowledge has broadened tremendously. The finance department works closely with other central service teams, and I really enjoy this cross-team interaction.

FINEOS as a multinational company gives me lots of opportunities to develop my career, and put all my knowledge into practice. In FINEOS I have the opportunity to learn more as I am getting to know global / different regions accounting standards and tax legislation, which motivated me to further my studies in Tax. My financial controller has given me great support in my studies. Having encouraged me to further my study in tax, he also gave me the opportunity to attend tax briefings in order to keep up with complex and ever-changing tax law. I believe my career can grow with the company together.

Korie, Lead Technical Consultant, North America

FINEOS has provided me with an opportunity to work for a globally recognised company. Not only is this exciting, but it also brings new challenges and opportunities to work with an equally stimulating global workforce.

My time at FINEOS has been filled with working across multiple project teams, and often the team spans different continents. Working for FINEOS not only offers you the opportunities to work in and with multiple regions, but FINEOS encourages personal growth from within. The Professional Services division will offer you access to some of the brightest minds in the industry. FINEOS is an organisation with cutting edge software that attracts major companies in the insurance sector. This gives consultants an opportunity to leverage their skill-sets with companies that thrive on productivity and efficiency.

On all projects the teams are consistently working with the latest technologies. Working on projects with such clients will only further advance your professional development. FINEOS provides a culture to not only its employees, but also its clients that embodies the principles of partnership. I look forward to the next 5 years, as FINEOS continues to lead insurance software companies in providing quality service and a superb product.

Dawid, Technical Consultant, Poland

FINEOS provides great opportunities to develop your career and to travel. When I started working for FINEOS I was seconded together with a group of colleagues from Poland for a year to Australia. As FINEOS didn't have an office in Poland then, our first day of work for FINEOS was in Melbourne. We were seconded together with our families. I travelled with my wife and our two year old son. From Australia we travelled to a project in New Zealand. We also spent a few weeks of vacation travelling around Australia and New Zealand, an opportunity that most people in the world will never get!

After a year the Polish group returned from Australia and New Zealand to Gdansk where we were involved in setting up the new FINEOS branch in Poland. Most of us who came back hadn't lived in Gdansk before so FINEOS helped us in settling in after the return. It was a huge challenge to be part of building the atmosphere and workplace in Gdansk. We have come a long way since the office opened and are all very proud of the hard work involved. A lot of our inspiration comes from the Dublin, Melbourne and Wellington offices. We have created a very similar “One Team” approach and atmosphere within the office Gdansk.

Since I've been back in Poland I've travelled a few times to Dublin to meet with clients, our Dublin colleagues and for professional training. Project teams are global so every day we work with colleagues from Ireland, USA and other parts of the world. Most communication is done via phone, email and IM but from time to time we get the chance to meet the teams face to face.

There is a very friendly atmosphere in the FINEOS workplace worldwide with many of its employees with common interests. In FINEOS we inspire each other. There are internal platforms and forums where we can share our knowledge, ask questions or find the necessary people with the required experience. FINEOS also has a lot of social events that help build interpersonal relationships. Since joining FINEOS I am delighted to say that I have met many friends from all corners of the earth.

I believe that the biggest value for FINEOS is its people, with their knowledge and experience. You can expect to be treated equally and fairly throughout FINEOS globally.

Rachel, Analyst Team Lead, Ireland

I have worked in FINEOS for over 6 years now and really enjoy the challenging, dynamic environment that FINEOS provides.

It's invigorating to work in a vibrant company with a great product and highly motivated people. In FINEOS employees are encouraged to take ownership of managing their own workload and schedule. A flexible working environment exists where I've found that there are regularly opportunities for both upward and lateral movement within the organisation which is great in terms of skill and career development and results in an inter-departmental cross-pollination of FINEOS experience and industry knowledge.

I joined FINEOS as a pre-sales Technical consultant, which was an exciting role that gave me the opportunity to travel to various client sites across the globe. I am currently leading a team of skilled professionals in our product analysis area in Dublin a role which is diverse and challenging, combining both project management and team lead activities and involving constant collaboration with areas inside and outside of product development.

Simon, Senior Technical Consultant, Australia

I started with FINEOS in October, 2000, in Dublin. And so began my career here with all its changes, challenges and rewards. I found FINEOS to be very much a team-based environment where asking others for help, advice and occasional brainstorming of problems was par for the course. With appropriate training I moved from C++ into Java development of web based applications. My database and SQL programming experience also grew in the various database platforms supported by FINEOS.

In more recent times I moved from the Product Research & Development (PRD) area of the Company into the Professional Services (PS) area which supports customer implementations.

As FINEOS grew and expanded into new international markets, an opportunity arose to work on secondment in Melbourne. The move from Dublin to Melbourne has of course been a considerable career and life change, but for me it was a step in the right direction. I am now in a much more “customer facing” role as Senior Technical Consultant, and duties involve liaising with clients and outlining solutions to their needs from a FINEOS perspective.

FINEOS seeks to acknowledge achievements and reward its employees accordingly. I have always enjoyed my time working with FINEOS. The people are friendly and helpful and the culture is one of continuous improvement and progression.

Moussa, Technical Consultant, North America

I joined FINEOS in May 2013 after working for my previous employer for over 7 years. My background was in ERP industry and I relished the opportunity to move into a technical consulting role with an established Global Technology Leader in the Life and Health insurance industry. In my 2 plus months at FINEOS, the knowledge I have gained and the support I have received from the employees and management here has been outstanding. You begin to feel like part of the company straight away and after few months I feel like I’ve been working here for years. My role is a technical consultant with the North American Professional services team. In my two months I have already had opportunities to demonstrate my technical skills and work closely with FINEOS consultants and software engineers. Over the coming weeks once I complete my onboarding program I will then move into a customer facing project role.

One of the first things I’ve noticed that’s different than any other work place I have worked at before is the well-established and structured induction and onboarding program. FINEOS has a great training path and outstanding program that allows new hires to get up to speed with the FINEOS system and implementation approach within a short period of time. You start off by going to the FINEOS Headquarters based in Ireland for an initial 3 weeks of classroom training which focuses on learning the FINEOS system and how all the pieces fit together. During that time you also get an opportunity to learn about the company’s history and get a better understanding of the FINEOS products and services. You also get the opportunity to meet face to face with people from key departments with whom you will be in contact with during your initial FINEOS career. Upon arrival to the office in Ireland you will feel at home right away. The culture, atmosphere and professionalism which all FINEOS staff operates with are exactly what you expect as a new hire to a company. The next thing I noticed is the documentation. FINEOS is dedicated to providing and documenting as much as possible. There is a dedicated central intranet portal that provides access to document repositories and other relevant support collateral which made it easier for me as a new hire to explore and read about various FINEOS products, versions and technologies.

After completing an initial number of weeks in the Dublin office I returned to North America. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the North American Staff Summit in Chicago (NASS) where I met all the employees who work for FINEOS in North America. The Staff Summit gave me an opportunity to meet the Executive Leadership Team as well as meet all my fellow employees in North America. It is very hard to find a company that is still dedicated to their employees and FINEOS is one of the few companies out there that is dedicated to making the workplace a better place for their employees. From what I have observed in my short time with the company, FINEOS is a company that welcomes suggestions on how to do things better and is always looking to evolve and improve.

I must say I’m looking forward to my time at FINEOS and getting a chance to contribute. One of my objectives as a Technical Consultant in North America is to focus on being and exhibiting customer centricity, ensuring that I have product centric mindset and that we as a company continue to have happy customers and successful product implementations.

Ivan, System Analyst


Ivan Martincevic, system analyst at FINEOS, tells us why he chose Ireland as a place to live and work, and how the country’s administration was a welcome change.

Where are you from?

I am from Osijek, Croatia – a beautiful country, but seriously damaged by the people ‘running’ it. The mentality is much like the Irish, so adjustment was easy.

How long have you been in Ireland?

Since January 2014.

Why did you move here?

I was thinking about moving to Australia or New Zealand when FINEOS contacted me. After the interview, I tried to find more information about Ireland and life there (or, should I say, here), which brought me to the conclusion that this is the country I could live and work in. I am still to find a reason for second thoughts.

What work do you do?

I’m a system analyst at FINEOS, which involves analysing requests and suggesting architecture solutions for our products.

How would you describe your working environment?

The environment is great and the company really tries to make it even better every day. The atmosphere is exciting and I feel that the work we do has some sense and makes an impact in the bigger picture.

What do you like most about your job?

The best part of my job is the people: open-minded colleagues ready to teach and be taught, equally.

Was it difficult to adjust to living and working in Ireland?

There were some details that were annoying, like finding a house, familiarising myself with public transportation and bits like that. But, in general, it went much easier than I thought it would. FINEOS helped us as much they could with a temporary place to live and a set of instructions for our first few weeks here.

What surprised you about moving to Ireland?

I was surprised by the administration and how well organised some aspects are, such as PPS and Revenue services. I know this is a surprise to Irish people, but public services in Croatia are always missing some papers, tax stamps or anything else that makes you wait endlessly for documents.

How does your working life help to make you feel at home here?

As I said before, the people are those that really make difference and my colleagues made me feel like home. I got assimilated quickly through having a good time with them on and off working hours. I suppose my working life and pleasant experience there helps me to feel at home a lot.

What do you like most about your adopted home?

I like the fact that people don’t seem to mind where you are from, as long as you are not making trouble. I feel as if Ireland is a place of equal opportunities where one can go far by working hard.