Interview with FINEOS CEO Michael Kelly for The Irish Times TinTech Magazine

In this interview,  FINEOS CEO,  Michael Kelly outlines how FINEOS software automates insurers’ procedures to let claims handlers focus on higher quality communications.

“What got us here won’t get us there” is the motto and rally cry for Fineos founder and chief executive, Michael Kelly. As fintech evolves, he is determined to stay ahead of the pack. Founded in 1993, Fineos is one of the most mature of the Irish fintech companies and provides core software solutions to help insurance and government accident compensation organisations care for their customers. Their core purpose was to develop a new component-based, life assurance system to reduce administration costs, improve business outcomes and give better service and care for customers. “Ill health, bereavement, accidents are things that, unfortunately, will happen to us or our loved ones at certain times in our lives. It can take years for many people going through what can be a laborious process, which can make it more painful, and insurance companies need to be sensitive to this. We wanted to bring the claims process out of the back office to the front office  and make it less ‘policy-centric’ and more ‘person-centric’,” says Kelly.

Headquartered in Dublin, Fineos employs over 450 people in London, Gdansk, Boston, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. They have over 50 customers internationally, including some of the largest global insurers and government
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