Strong Customer Partnerships Make All the Difference: Observations from the 10th Annual FINEOS Global Summit

I am the newest member of the FINEOS Product Management team and had the good fortune to join just in time to attend the tenth annual FINEOS Global Summit.  This year’s event was held in beautiful San Francisco and sessions were all aligned to the theme, “Serving Today’s Digital Customer.”

Being new to FINEOS, and with this being my first summit, I had a unique perspective on the event and was able to step back and make observations that many summit veterans may not be able to see quite as clearly. The thing that struck me the most throughout the conference was the true partnerships FINEOS has established with our customers. There is a real focus on continued growth and on challenging each other to continue to build on a great, market-leading product.  Our customers play a crucial role in our product road map and help by partnering with us to define the direction we take as a Product Management Team. I was delighted to see such a strong, intelligent, forward thinking customer base who are as much interested in the success of FINEOS as they are their own business.  It’s that mutual belief that together we can continue to build the best in class product needed in the marketplace to drive results and improve the customer experience.

What spoke volumes about these partnerships that FINEOS has made with their customers was the actual case study presentations that they were willing to give at the Summit.

One of our clients presented on their use of FINEOS analytics and the claims workflow to  guide case managers to deploy appropriate response strategies based on complexity scores.  Their development and use of predictive modelling to assess risk, including biopsychosocial conditions, has given them the opportunity to free up resources and improve overall claim outcomes.

I also heard Ken Bowman of RBC Insurance of Canada walk us through their experience with a substantial FINEOS upgrade and how the benefits included faster batch performance, improved rehab functionality, and increased user productivity, which allowed a deeper alignment with the company’s overall Group strategy.  It was terrific to hear how this helped with rehab referrals which led to an improved conversion rate and an overall reduction of overall costs.

Sean Dowling from US based Principal Financial Group (PFG) walked through their adoption of Agile and how this journey with FINEOS allowed for improvement to their claims process with our out-of-the-box claims solution.  All of this couldn’t have been so successful without the shared support and input of both PFG and FINEOS working towards a shared goal.

Jenni McGlathery and Carol Nicol of US based Dearborn National shared how our partnership, strength, and combined focus for a solution was critical with their transformation journey and upgrade project with FINEOS.  Utilizing best practices helps lead to investing in the future of both Dearborn National and FINEOS.

The continued assertion from our customers that they need a great partner that is forward thinking, keeping in front of the curve, providing and obtaining thought leadership, and increasing market awareness is why FINEOS has the best customers in the industry.

As we continue to build out our core functionality and add new products like our Absence Management Solution, which will provide pre-defined leave rules out of the box, it’s through our peoples’ expertise and customer partnerships that FINEOS will continue to be the market leader in providing the systems that will help global Life, Accident and Health carriers continue to grow and meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Thank you to all who attended the FINEOS Global Summit in San Francisco, it was a pleasure learning from you all!

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