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Join over 50 of the world’s most innovative insurers

We help you simplify the complex, bringing accuracy and consistency to your claims operation.

Through automation of standardized  processes and smart claim routing, we help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and get new claim handlers up to speed more quickly.

Streamline claims administration

See how a streamlined claims organization can increase organizational efficiency without compromising effectiveness.

Improve claim outcomes

See how more efficient file handling and a focus on rehabilitation can lead to better claim outcomes for the insurer, the employer, and the insured.

Work smarter

See how insights gained from FINEOS Claims can help you better manage changing workloads, more accurately forecast reserves, identify sales opportunities, and flag fraudulent claims more quickly.

How you handle a claim is the defining moment in the relationship with your customer.

You only get one chance to get it right, so provide the level of service now expected of today’s best digital customer service providers.

How would your customers rate their claims experience?

Listen to this 45-minute live webinar where experts will discuss ways to exceed your customers’ expectations throughout their claim experience, creating advocates for your business, enhancing your reputation and building brand value

Empower customers with omni-channel access

Give your customers uncomplicated, personalized access 24/7 through every channel. And make it equally compelling across all touch points - smart phone, tablet, telephone, desktop - as it is in-person.

Read a recent blog on the 6 advantages of omni-channel customer service


Provide same day claim payment

Switching insurers is easy, so make every customer interaction count. By streamlining a claim so the insured gets paid within 24 hours, you’ve more than delivered on your service promise, meaning they’re more likely to stay with you.

View on-demand webinar now: Winning on Customer Service: Same Day Claims Payments


From the web to mobile devices and apps, to social media, technology has become entwined in all our lives.

While it’s a great opportunity for insurers to improve their propositions, there’s a looming threat of failing to meet customers’ increased expectations for those who don’t move with the times.

Deploy quickly and enhance your implementation incrementally

Accelerate your initial implementation and enable a series of subsequent agile enhancements as needed, to bring immediate value without limiting your growth and future strategic options with FINEOS Claims FastTrack.

Implement how you want, when you want

Unlike many platform dependent cloud solutions, we offer several product options from public cloud, managed private cloud, and on-premise platform independent options as well as the ability to migrate from one to the other with minimum hassle.

Leverage out-of-the-box capabilities and your existing application architecture

Our integrated but open solution relies on the FINEOS Digital Platform to provide the modern process, technology and integration framework for our own applications and easy integration with your existing application ecosystem.

Our Lines of Business

FINEOS Claims is the only solution deployed globally that supports the processing of Life, Accident and Health all on one platform. To learn more about the lines we support download data sheets by clicking below.

Life Accident Hospital Disability Critical Illness   Absence

Upcoming FINEOS Webinar

Why are you not a Digital Insurer?

Thursday January 26 – 11am ET/8am PT/4pm GMT/5pm CET

For over twenty years, internet technology has been transforming industries by enabling digital sales and service. It’s now hard to remember when Amazon was just an online bookstore, as it has grown into the world’s largest internet retailer by both total sales and market capitalization. Other industries have followed including travel, media, and banking; often incorporating digital channels into a broader service model. While insurers have invested in digital sales and marketing technology, digital service continues to lag behind other industries. This proves especially true in Life, Disability, and Absence claims, where fragmented technology and compliance concerns continue to dominate the service model.

Join Jonathan Boylan, Chief Technology Officer for FINEOS, who examines why Life and Health insurers lag behind other industries in digital service and shows how you can leverage the FINEOS Insurance Cloud today to shake off your legacy shackles.



FINEOS Launches FINEOS Claims FastTrack

FINEOS Claims FastTrack is a rapid, fixed time and effort, out-of-the-box implementation that helps carriers deploy quickly and economically without losing the extensive additional capabilities that FINEOS Claims provides. Delivered as a cloud service, FINEOS Claims FastTrack is fully configured with a carrier’s product and ready for production within 60 days. The product includes standard integration points for leading industry third-party CRM, Document Management, and Financial software products, as well as standard integration points for in-house systems such as Policy Administration.

Download the datasheet

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Whether your needs are large or small, simple or complex, we have the right solution for you. If you'd like to find out more about how FINEOS Claims can help you to claim your future, contact us now.