FINEOS Policy offers the most comprehensive policy administration software solution in the industry, allowing carriers to seamlessly manage Life, Accident and Health insurance products and policies at both the group and member level.

The technology you need

  • FINEOS Policy resides on the open core, cloud-based FINEOS Platform
  • FINEOS Policy is powered by AWS, delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model; this solution is digitally-optimized
  • Fully configurable modules provide customer-centric views, enable self-service, and ensure superior service delivery

How FINEOS Policy Administration System changes everything:

Customer Experience

Business Innovation

Modern Technology

  • Real-time and historic customer data
  • Flexibility to facilitate group needs
  • Enhanced customer journey
  • Speed to market
  • Supports multiple lines of business
  • Integrated configurable workflow
  • End-to-end policy administration
  • API architecture
  • Ecosystem integrations

This blog series by Dan Watt explores policy administration systems, their importance for business success, and what considerations should be made in implementing them.   


FINEOS Policy is the cornerstone of the FINEOS Platform

—Chuck Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer, FINEOS

What's really important about the FINEOS Platform is the quote to claim experience.

—Dan Watt, Senior Vice President Product Management


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