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The challenge for public sector and private accident compensation organizations is to deliver high quality care and rehabilitation services to their citizens while implementing new initiatives and legislative reform, and staying within funding and resources constraints. Organizations around the world use FINEOS to manage personal injury and accident compensation claims. Depending on the legislative framework, an injured person may be entitled to benefits from accident related entitlements. These include workers’ compensation, public liability insurance, health coverage, and automobile insurance coverage. From the initial coverage determinations, FINEOS Claims manages compensation payments and health and disability support services needed to care for and rehabilitate injured parties.


FINEOS for Accident, Care & Compensation

  • Citizen Care
  • Accident
  • Compulsory Third Party
  • Provider Management
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability

Key Benefits

Improve Ratios

Within FINEOS Claims, the electronic first report of injury lets claims handlers quickly initiate medical intervention, improving return to work and return to health ratios. The system handles care related work, including forms, documents, inbound and outbound inquiries, and financial transactions. Detailed case management capabilities enable claims handlers to better understand all aspects of injured parties’ claims and therefore better manage a comprehensive care plan.


Improve Outcomes

The workflow automation in FINEOS Claims generates timelines for individuals’ recovery and rehabilitation plans based on best practices. It improves outcomes and identifies return to work and/or return to health opportunities for all injured workers, including long term claimants, helping to reduce costly, long term claim liabilities.

Improve Outcomes

Complete Orchestration

FINEOS Claims provides robust and complete orchestration of the claims management process for handling injury claims, whether for automatic recurring payments, one-time ad hoc payments, or provider payments. It enables scheme-based insurers to effectively monitor their schemes, and control and compensate claimants and other stakeholders when necessary. In combination with its activity management features, FINEOS orchestrates processes into a seamless experience, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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