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Medical and health coverage has become the most complex part of the Life, Accident and Health market as the various global models of private and public health insurance must integrate with other Life, Accident and Health protection products such as disability, critical illness/cancer, and long term care insurance to provide holistic health and protection coverage for the insured. Gap products designed to fill in coverage holes or provide extra coverage for specific conditions have been available for some time but often require a savvy consumer or broker to use them effectively. The shift from employer and compensation scheme-driven product planning to a more consumer-centric choice model make the need for clear, integrated product portfolios more important than ever before.

The market is demanding an integrated, holistic approach to dealing with the total insured need regardless of the traditional business separation between health plans and ancillary benefits.

At FINEOS, we are leveraging our expertise in supporting medical products like critical illness, long term care, and hospital indemnity, our leading process and case management capabilities, and our capabilities around provider management, medical coding and invoicing, to support a wider range of medical and health products including major medical in select geographic markets. FINEOS AdminSuite is architected to support all Life, Accident and Health lines and enables insurers to create and service hybrid product bundles that take the guess work out of providing a comprehensive benefits package to the insured with no gaps and no surprises.


Medical and Health Lines of Business

  • Critical Illness/Cancer
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Major Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Provider Management
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