FINEOS provides great opportunities to develop your career and to travel. When I started working for FINEOS I was seconded together with a group of colleagues from Poland for a year to Australia. As FINEOS didn’t have an office in Poland then, our first day of work for FINEOS was in Melbourne. We were seconded together with our families. I travelled with my wife and our two year old son. From Australia we travelled to a project in New Zealand. We also spent a few weeks of vacation travelling around Australia and New Zealand, an opportunity that most people in the world will never get!

After a year the Polish group returned from Australia and New Zealand to Gdańsk where we were involved in setting up the new FINEOS branch in Poland. Most of us who came back hadn’t lived in Gdańsk before so FINEOS helped us in settling in after the return. It was a huge challenge to be part of building the atmosphere and workplace in Gdańsk. We have come a long way since the office opened and are all very proud of the hard work involved. A lot of our inspiration comes from the Dublin, Melbourne and Wellington offices. We have created a very similar “One Team” approach and atmosphere within the office Gdańsk.

Since I’ve been back in Poland I’ve travelled a few times to Dublin to meet with clients, our Dublin colleagues and for professional training. Project teams are global so every day we work with colleagues from Ireland, USA and other parts of the world. Most communication is done via phone, email and IM but from time to time we get the chance to meet the teams face to face.

There is a very friendly atmosphere in the FINEOS workplace worldwide with many of its employees with common interests. In FINEOS we inspire each other. There are internal platforms and forums where we can share our knowledge, ask questions or find the necessary people with the required experience. FINEOS also has a lot of social events that help build interpersonal relationships. Since joining FINEOS I am delighted to say that I have met many friends from all corners of the earth.

I believe that the biggest value for FINEOS is its people, with their knowledge and experience. You can expect to be treated equally and fairly throughout FINEOS globally.