I joined FINEOS in 2008 as a Graduate Technical Consultant after graduating from the National College of Ireland with a degree in Software Systems. The graduate program run by FINEOS at the time gave us a good introduction to the FINEOS application and also a refresher on JAVA.

After a few weeks, we were put into our teams and onto projects. I started off with straightforward project tasks but it wasn’t long before I was working on more challenging pieces of work. Mistakes were made but there was a good team there to back me up and look out for me. One thing I discovered quickly about the FINEOS application is that you learn a great deal through on the-job-training and this is the best way to progress. While I was a Technical Consultant, I travelled back and forth to America to help out on client sites, which was great experience.

Since then I have transitioned into a new role as Business Consultant. Although I enjoyed the development aspects of the Technical Consultant position, I wanted to learn new skills and FINEOS gave me the opportunity to do this. I was put straight onto a very large project which involved travelling monthly and engaging with customers about requirements and design.

FINEOS is a great company for graduates to develop their skills and also learn new ones, myself being the prime example since I switched roles from technical to business (still never ruling out a return to the technical side). If you have any interest in IT whether it’s a technical interest as a programmer or from an information systems point of view as an analyst, then I would definitely recommend FINEOS to you.