Moussa Ramadan

I joined FINEOS in May 2013 after working for my previous employer for over 7 years. My background was in ERP industry and I relished the opportunity to move into a technical consulting role with an established Global Technology Leader in the Life and Health insurance industry. In my 2 plus months at FINEOS, the knowledge I have gained and the support I have received from the employees and management here has been outstanding. You begin to feel like part of the company straight away and after few months I feel like I’ve been working here for years. My role is a technical consultant with the North American Professional services team. In my two months I have already had opportunities to demonstrate my technical skills and work closely with FINEOS consultants and software engineers. Over the coming weeks once I complete my onboarding program I will then move into a customer facing project role.

One of the first things I’ve noticed that’s different than any other work place I have worked at before is the well-established and structured induction and onboarding program. FINEOS has a great training path and outstanding program that allows new hires to get up to speed with the FINEOS system and implementation approach within a short period of time. You start off by going to the FINEOS Headquarters based in Ireland for an initial 3 weeks of classroom training which focuses on learning the FINEOS system and how all the pieces fit together. During that time you also get an opportunity to learn about the company’s history and get a better understanding of the FINEOS products and services. You also get the opportunity to meet face to face with people from key departments with whom you will be in contact with during your initial FINEOS career. Upon arrival to the office in Ireland you will feel at home right away. The culture, atmosphere and professionalism which all FINEOS staff operates with are exactly what you expect as a new hire to a company. The next thing I noticed is the documentation. FINEOS is dedicated to providing and documenting as much as possible. There is a dedicated central intranet portal that provides access to document repositories and other relevant support collateral which made it easier for me as a new hire to explore and read about various FINEOS products, versions and technologies.

After completing an initial number of weeks in the Dublin office I returned to North America. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the North American Staff Summit in Chicago (NASS) where I met all the employees who work for FINEOS in North America. The Staff Summit gave me an opportunity to meet the Executive Leadership Team as well as meet all my fellow employees in North America. It is very hard to find a company that is still dedicated to their employees and FINEOS is one of the few companies out there that is dedicated to making the workplace a better place for their employees. From what I have observed in my short time with the company, FINEOS is a company that welcomes suggestions on how to do things better and is always looking to evolve and improve.

I must say I’m looking forward to my time at FINEOS and getting a chance to contribute. One of my objectives as a Technical Consultant in North America is to focus on being and exhibiting customer centricity, ensuring that I have product centric mindset and that we as a company continue to have happy customers and successful product implementations.