I joined FINEOS in 2005 as part of a graduate program along with 14 other graduates from an array of different universities. While I was already impressed with how FINEOS operated during the interview stage of the program, it was the obvious effort and investment which took place during the initial few months of training which has left a long lasting positive impression with me.

Throughout my career in FINEOS I have had the pleasure of working in multiple parts of the organization both in the Dublin office, but also in their Australian and New Zealand offices too. FINEOS is an organization with countless opportunities for people not just to expand their existing skill set, but also to develop new skills.

From starting as a graduate developer, I was straight away put onto production work with strong mentoring and guidance, from there I have had opportunities to lead teams on customer sites and I am currently the Development Lead in their Product Development Service department. These opportunities are down to FINEOS being in an environment which is constantly looking to grow their employees’ abilities and allow them to grow within the company.

Having recently been heavily involved in the graduate program for 2012, I can see that the same effort and investment is still present with the training program offered to me, being even more elaborate and ensuring that graduates joining FINEOS now are ready both technically and mentally for a healthy career in the IT industry.