I joined FINEOS in 2005 having graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in Computer Science. FINEOS went to the effort of coming to UL and interviewing those who applied to the graduate programme they were running. After two interviews I knew FINEOS was a place I’d like to work and thankfully they offered me a graduate role. The graduate programme FINEOS run gave us graduates a gentle introduction to working life while at the same time preparing us for a career in IT with many opportunities. Initially FINEOS provided us with a number of months training which would refresh and strengthen our knowledge of what we learned in FINEOS. Over these months we were introduced to the FINEOS business and got to know the people and services FINEOS provide. Soon after we began to work within existing teams where all our training was put into practice with real life scenarios.

Since joining FINEOS I’ve worked in a number of roles and have been lucky to work for varying periods in Australia, New Zealand, Canada as well as our corporate headquarters in Dublin. Having quashed the travel bug I’ve now returned to Ireland and resumed working from the Dublin office. Initially my role in FINEOS was developing the FINEOS Technical Architecture and when abroad I mostly worked in client offices and worked together with FINEOS customers to customize and implement a system which addressed the client’s requirements. In recent years, I’ve been able to take on some management activities in roles more of a Technical Lead nature.

FINEOS is an excellent company for graduates as they really invest in getting graduates trained and providing them with the experience to become an IT professional. Within the company, there are excellent opportunities to focus on your skills which interest you most and move between roles within the organization. Being based centrally in Dublin and with a vibrant social club the company becomes more a way of life than a place to work.