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FINEOS Insurance Cloud

The FINEOS Insurance Cloud is a comprehensive core systems insurance platform for Life, Accident & Health (LA&H) that provides the ecosystem, support, and connectivity needed to implement your digital insurance strategy.

Now more than ever, LA&H insurers know customer service is the heart of their product offerings.

In today’s always-on service economy, insurers must be prepared to meet heightened customer expectations faster and cheaper than ever. Insurers also need options to help mitigate the risk of any given product offering or market changing dramatically due to regulatory or economic sea change. Large budget, multi-year, waterfall IT projects in support of new initiatives are riskier than ever, both in cost and time to market. Software as a service models are becoming more attractive even for core insurance systems, but many carriers are finding the pure public cloud model too restrictive or risky for their business as it scales, and private clouds are not providing the real options they seek.