FINEOS Corporation and Reed Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Integration of FINEOS Claims and Reed Group’s The Medical Disability Advisor offers Operational Enablement and Efficiency for Disability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrators

FINEOS Corporation, a global provider and recognized expert in the development of packaged software solutions for the insurance and banking industries, and Reed Group, the leader in return to work and disability duration guidelines, today announced a strategic partnership that delivers integrated disability insurance and workers’ compensation claims processing solutions to insurance companies, third-party administrators (TPAs) and governmental organizations to empower better return to work guidance and more efficient case management productivity in their greatest cost area, claims management.

The partnership delivers a fully integrated real time solution enabling end-users direct access within the FINEOS Claims system to The Medical Disability Advisor: Workplace Guidelines for Disability Durations, Fifth Edition (MDA), by Presley Reed, MD (Editor-in-Chief). FINEOS Claims is the leading solution for disability insurance and workers’ compensation claims processing and the MDA guideline is the recognized return to work reference leader, providing the only evidence-based disability duration guidelines built from actual and observed case data. The MDA provides expected recovery time frames for the injuries and illnesses of working people. Additionally, the companies will coordinate their efforts focusing on claims administrators in markets globally. Since 1993, FINEOS has established a successful track record in the global insurance industry with deep roots in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand and The Medical Disability Advisor is the world’s most widely used disability information resource with over 22,000 customers throughout the US and in 38 other countries.

“Seamlessly integrating these two web services based solutions provides our customers with a vast amount of real time information, in clean, intuitive interfaces to help them manage their businesses more effectively,” stated Michael Kelly, president and CEO, FINEOS Corporation. “That aspect is inherent. Creating even greater value is MDA’s ability to close the loop on absences through true disability timelines and reliable information management that can be used to increase productivity and help companies protect themselves from liability.”

“By partnering with FINEOS, the premier provider of core life insurance and claims management solutions, Reed Group expands its capability to help organizations manage employee absences in a non-adversarial and respectful manner,” stated Presley Reed, MD, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Reed Group. “Claims managers who use the FINEOS Claims system, together with the MDA return to work guidelines, will have a powerful on-line resource that streamlines formidable amounts of evidence data and enables them to bring people back to productivity while measuring the results of their case management efforts for all involved parties.”

About Reed Group, Ltd.
Reed Group’s primary goal is to maintain and increase the quality of information, services and products designed for healthy return to work results. This is accomplished through four lines of business: Guidelines, Service, Data Analytics, and Education. Reed Group publishes the industry standard disability guidelines, The Medical Disability Advisor, now in its Fifth Edition (3,500 pages, 2-volume printed set, Windows software, Internet, and data license versions). Reed Group provides integrated clinical disability management services for non-occupational and occupational leaves with advice-to-pay services, and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administrative services. For more information on Reed Group, please contact Marty Reader at 866.889.4449 or visit


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