What We Do

FINEOS Training and Education works with customers to develop training and development plans. Training and education offerings help your project teams, operational support teams, and end users master the use of, and get maximum value from, the FINEOS AdminSuite.

How We Deliver

Through consultation we devise the right blend of the following:

Organizational Change Management

For a new system to be successful, end-users must embrace it. FINEOS Training and Education recognizes this and advises on proven change management processes for FINEOS system implementations.

FINEOS Training Curriculum

24/7, on demand training offers great flexibility. FINEOS Training and Education offers a range of off-the-shelf training products. We can also devise custom training solutions unique to your implementation.


The FINEOS certification process for customer project and end-user staff provides an effective set of evaluation criteria to quantify knowledge of the FINEOS product and capabilities. It also certifies the minimum knowledge required to maintain the FINEOS system.