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FINEOS Training and Education works with customers and partners to develop training and development plans. Training and education offerings help your implementation teams, operational support teams, and end users master the use of and get maximum value from the FINEOS AdminSuite.

Get the Most From Your Investment in FINEOS

At FINEOS, we are committed to your success and want to prepare you to take advantage of all the features included in the solution. Our training and educational offerings are designed to help you expand your knowledge of what FINEOS AdminSuite has to offer and show you innovative ways to begin realizing benefits now.

Organizational Change Management

For a new system to be successful, end-users must embrace it. FINEOS Training and Education recognizes this and advises on proven change management processes for FINEOS system implementations.

Transformational Learning Your Way. When You Want It.  When You Need It.

Adopting new systems brings new ways of doing things and we’re here to help make the climb easier. Our innovative approach is designed to deliver a complete learning experience, whenever and wherever you want it.

All Inclusive

FINEOS Training and Educational offerings include a complete suite of off-the-shelf learning modules to guide you through initial setup so that your implementation and operational teams can quickly master each of the features FINEOS AdminSuite has to offer.

Ensure Implementation Success

We believe learning best occurs when your leadership team and project managers are prepared to help lead teams through major organizational change.  This means being proactive, communicating effectively and knowing what barriers will need to be overcome.  Our project and change management offerings, combined with our role-based, technical training helps to ensure your FINEOS AdminSuite implementation is a success.

We also believe that training is more than just a one-time event.  There are always ways to become more effective by improving upon what we already know.  FINEOS Training and Educational services are designed to support the needs of FINEOS AdminSuite users regardless of skill level, beginners, intermediate and expert users.


The FINEOS certification process for customer project, end-user staff and SI partners provides an effective set of evaluation criteria to quantify knowledge of the FINEOS product and capabilities. It also certifies the minimum knowledge required to maintain the FINEOS system.

We’ve also developed FINEOS user certifications to provide you with a way to quantify your team’s knowledge of the FINEOS product and capabilities. These also certify the minimum knowledge required to maintain the FINEOS system within your organization.

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