Our Vision

Vision – A world where protection from illness, injury, and loss is accessible to everyone.

Purpose – We help our customers care for the people they serve through the delivery of superior insurance technology.

Mission – Global market leader in core systems for group and individual life, accident and health on a single technology platform.

We have over 20 years of experience focusing on the global Life, Accident and Health market. Our aim is and always has been to help insurers accelerate growth, reduce cost, and provide an exceptional experience to their customers.

What Makes FINEOS Successful?

The FINEOS Platform is a comprehensive core systems insurance platform for Life, Accident & Health (LA&H) that provides the ecosystem support and connectivity need to implement a digital insurance strategy.

Built on the FINEOS Platform, the FINEOS AdminSuite is comprised of pre-integrated, best-of-breed components:

  • FINEOS Policy
  • FINEOS Billing
  • FINEOS Claims
  • FINEOS Absence

Experienced People

Software is only as good as the people who build and deliver it. Our people:

  • Focus on the Life, Accident and Health market
  • Have strong industry knowledge
  • Understand every facet of FINEOS products
  • Update their business and technical skills regularly
  • Have a deep understanding of our customers’ business and technology
  • Continuously apply evolving technology to our product

Customer Success

We believe that by creating success for our customers, we will earn their loyalty, advocacy, and continued business.

Through our excellent relationship with our customer base, FINEOS has garnered:

  • A strong history of implementation success
  • Over 50 Customers on 3 continents
  • Experience with diverse products, processes, and regulations
  • Open customer relationships and  two-way communication on product and business direction

Long Term Stability

Insurers need vendors that can meet both their immediate need and sustain a long term strategic relationship.
At FINEOS, we:

  • Have delivered mission critical back office systems to insurers for over 20 years
  • Have strong continuity in our leadership, product, and service teams
  • Are a financially solid, profitable company
  • Focus on our growth strategy to deliver long term business value while remaining adaptable to environmental change

Culture & Values

FINEOS employees are high achieving, customer-centric team players.  These values define us, shape our culture, and guide how we think and make decisions.  At FINEOS, we enjoy an environment of trust and collaboration where everyone is encouraged to challenge positively and collaborate to deliver the best results.

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