Life, Accident and Health Market Solutions

The FINEOS Platform is designed to support a variety of business models, languages and currencies enabling Market Solutions suitable for regional markets across the globe. Market Solutions also focus on specific business needs using low code configuration and extensions to meet unique requirements.  This approach provides our customers the solutions they need while avoiding customization and difficult upgrades.

A Global Market Leader in Core Insurance Systems within the Life, Accident and Health Industry

HealthcareInsights, Cover Article January 2022

Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS

“Insurance has become a hotbed of digital innovation. In response, insurance carriers must embrace change and rethink their old-school business models to enhance customer experience. The monolithic insurance software models of the past are no longer sufficient to meet the current needs of the modern insurance carriers who must satiate the rapidly increasing demands of their customers. Today, carriers need a modern purpose-built, customer-centric core platform that can offer improved operational efficiency, increased effectiveness, and excellent customer care.” Read more ….

North America

Individual Insurance Solution

The nature of individual life, accident and health insurance continues to change, especially when considering the cost impact that continues to shift from the employer to the employee. As life insurance and annuities remain a critical source of security and serve as a key component of consumers’ investment strategy, products such as disability, long term care, and supplemental health options become increasingly important to fill the key gaps in the consumers insurance portfolio.


Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Within EMEA, Group and Individual Life, Accident & Health Insurance use FINEOS AdminSuite regional Market Solutions to address:

  • Income Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Health

FINEOS ensures European regulation compliance across multiple initiatives such as GDPR, Solvency II and Treating the Customer Fairly (TCF).


Australia / New Zealand

FINEOS Life Insurance Solution Australasia (LISA)

The FINEOS LISA market solution utilizes the component-based capabilities of FINEOS AdminSuite to enable Australian Life Insurers to offer a claims service with differing value propositions in line with specific customer needs.

The LISA solution segments customers from the outset based on the information available and uses that to define the service model to apply to that customer. This enables insurers to provide claims services according to customer needs while remaining compliant. Further, it ensures trust and transparency to all stakeholders, and efficient allocation of resources.

The FINEOS LISA market solution optimizes the rich insurance domain specific data model of the FINEOS AdminSuite to ensure that data can be easily extracted to meet the claims components of many regulatory reports including LRS 750 and data collection standards outlined in ASIC 633.



Across Asia, Life & Health lines are converging to provide a more holistic experience to customers known as Well-Being. In an environment of evolving modern consumer behavior, FINEOS AdminSuite provides essential flexibility with component-based implementation options or the full suite production capability. As a digital, open core policy administration system, FINEOS AdminSuite enables the management of the full policy life-cycle and all transactions and interactions at both group and member level.


FINEOS Claims has a robust set of capabilities that address the needs of insurers across Asia, either as part of FINEOS AdminSuite or as a standalone Claims solution. It provides straight-through-processing (STP), omni-channel communication, auditable process flows, accurate transparent calculations and a comprehensive payment engine.

Products supported include:

  • Individual Life & Health Insurance
  • Group Life & Health Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Income Protection