Market Solutions Configured with FINEOS AdminSuite Products

FINEOS AdminSuite is designed specifically for the Life, Accident, Health industry. As a comprehensive suite it includes absence, billing, claims, payments, policy, and provider. The flexibility and component-based structure enables configurable and powerful core capabilities for group, voluntary and individual insurance. The agility and stability of FINEOS AdminSuite enables the development of market solutions that align with the ever-changing and challenging insurance landscape.

The FINEOS IDAM Solution holistically addresses absence, claims, payments and policy

  • FINEOS Absence – a single book or record for all absence management related services
  • FINEOS Claims – enables streamlined and efficient operation for complete customer care service
  • FINEOS Payments – creates a unified payments stream for paid and non-paid leave
  • FINEOS Policy  – the complete source of truth for an insurer’s policies and products, managing the full lifecycle and all transactions and interactions at both group and member level

Simplify the Complex

There are over 100 reasons to be absent from work and an ever-changing regulatory landscape, including federal, state, and municipal regulations. The FINEOS IDAM Solution simplifies complexity by automating processes around paid and unpaid absences, including insurance Short Term Disability (STD) claims. Gone are the days of manual calculations, relying on spreadsheets, utilizing multiple legacy systems, or reading through a client profile database. FINEOS IDAM, the leading integrated disability and absence management solution, helps to ensure that you’re compliant. Automating and centralizing IDAM reduces both costs and hours, while a unified data archive gives you the security and analytical insight to run your operation.

Integrate Claims and Absence Management

You often have to move from one system to another to accurately calculate time and pay benefits, including STD benefits. The FINEOS IDAM Solution provides integrated claims and absence that automates calculations within a single interface. The solution also gives carriers and employers access to industry-leading configuration, rules, workflow, tasks, document management, and benefit payment capabilities.

The FINEOS IDAM Solution provides easy access to data to help you:
• Track and benchmark absence, insurance claims and accommodation reasons
• Score absence requests, completions, and predictive Return-To-Work (RTW) analytics
• Identify frequency and duration trends (by codes, job type, etc.)
• Reduce the time and cost associated with HR research and attorney fees involved in regulatory compliance
• Route absence claims appropriately, schedule follow-ups, and assign resources

Improve Engagement and User Experience

A unified system for paid and non-paid leave including disability, and accommodations with a user-friendly interface enables easy navigation for both employers and employees. Self-service capabilities allow employers to delegate authority, submit and retrieve documents, and create a unified payments stream.

Simple step-by-step interfaces guide both employers and employees through the absence process to help drive engagement, productivity, and better absence outcomes. Most importantly, you’ll provide a seamless, pain-free leave experience that’s compliant, fosters employee wellbeing, and promotes efficient return-to-work outcomes.