Technical Architecture

Modern Open Core System with Comprehensive Digital Service and Integration APIs

Modern insurance systems must provide a layered digital engagement architecture, with core system capabilities integrated with APIs that support a wide variety of digital experience applications. Insurers can enter the API economy by making APIs available to customers and partners, delivering the most flexible, stable and modern digital experience.

  • Suite of modern SaaS applications delivered on the FINEOS Platform
  • Designed for mission critical use by the smallest teams and largest multi-national carriers
  • Ready to use integration APIs for common integration points including CRM, Financial, DMS, CCM, HRIS, Policy, Enrolment, Data lake and warehouse.
  • Highly configurable platform to adapt to your business without code-based customization.
  • Digital Service APIs to engage with existing portals, mobile apps, messaging and voice-based customer service technology for group and individual business stakeholders.

Trusted and Compliant

Security, availability, privacy and regulatory compliance are critical to any insurance core system in today’s environment. The FINEOS Platform is designed to support the most stringent security and regulatory requirements throughout the stack from data center security to application support for ERISA, FLMA and other regulated leaves and accommodation requirements.

  • HIPAA, APRA and GDPR compliant application and process
  • ISO 27001/27017/27018 and FedRAMP, FIPS and FISMA compliant data centers
  • ERISA and FMLA/Absence/ADA compliance
  • 24×7 availability and support services
  • Full Data encryption in transit and at rest with organization-specific encryption keys
  • Integrates with your IdP to deliver Single-sign On (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

User Experience

Role-based Model

Insurance business value chains are often complex with multiple roles that have different types of interaction based on that person’s needs. By designing for the roles inherent in LA&H insurance, the FINEOS Platform supports each user with capabilities required to meet their needs and to provide a frictionless experience.

  • Designed for the B2B2C model inherent in LA&H Group, Voluntary and Individual insurance market
  • Role-based capability sets support multiple digital engagement methods
  • Extensible to support new roles/engagement models
  • Based on FINEOS Customer Programs and Ethnographic-based UX Customer studies
    Designed for fast, frictionless engagement for all parties

Smart Automation

Automation is a critical part of any digital insurance experience but only if the automation is simple to interact with, accurate and flexible to changing human and business circumstances. FINEOS Platform provides the capabilities to use workflow, rules, AI tools and embedded best practices to create a dynamic, quick and satisfying user experience.

  • Embedded best practice business processes
  • Business rules to process decisions, data validation, calculations, reference tables
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to automate smart decisions
  • Preconfigured workflow and case types across the suite for a quick start
  • Modern user experience technology and design techniques

Great Data

A critical roadblock for any insurer seeking to use their data strategically is the quality of the data itself. Core systems are a key contributor to the insurers data set in concert with 3rd party data sources like HRIS data and external demographic information. The FINEOS Platform provides a single suite-wide data model that joins all the dots internally and externally. This enables useful business analytics within the suite and can feed your analytics data lake with curated predictive factors extracted from the overall FINEOS dataset.