FINEOS AdminSuite

Comprehensive core insurance suite

FINEOS AdminSuite

FINEOS Absence

  • Integrates with FINEOS Claims
  • Covers paid and unpaid leaves
  • Simplifies compliance
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FINEOS Billing

  • Combined or separate bills
  • Reduces billing leakage
  • Automated cash application
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  • Provides straight-through processing
  • Increases accuracy and compliance
  • Covers payments and return to work
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FINEOS Payments

  • Automated
  • Accurate
  • Payroll Continuity
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  • Set up cases quickly
  • Service all tiers and admin modes
  • Connect to digital ecosystem
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FINEOS Provider

  • Drive outcome-orientated engagement
  • Manage service approvals
  • Accelerate rehabilitation and return to work
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Open Core for complete, flexible connection

FINEOS AdminSuite, leveraging the FINEOS Platform, is designed to connect to other applications, platforms, and apps that grow increasingly important to your environments. It doesn’t just support APIs to existing processes. Its design assumes transactions and data will occur in multiple engagement patterns, based on role and access methods, that are destined to change over time. FINEOS AdminSuite is flexible enough to adapt to those changes.

Life is More Complete in a Suite

Listen to Dan Watt, VP Product Marketing, FINEOS in this webinar where he shares ways to leverage the FINEOS AdminSuite, the only suite purpose built for the Employee Benefits industry.

Dan focuses on three ways to drive superior performance across:

  • customer service
  • revenue management
  • product development

Learn how modern suite technology built for your industry can enable your strategy and position you for financial and operational scale.