What is Absence Management for Employers?

FINEOS Absence for Employers is new to the employer market, but unparalleled in absence & disability management. Crafted with precision, designed to perfection – enabling employers to manage employee leaves expertly. FINEOS Absence for Employers is not just a tool – it’s a game-changer for HR teams and employees alike.

FINEOS Absence for Employers is Your Go-To Solution

Drowning in the complexity of absence management and compliance requirements? Juggling too many various leave types? Struggling to get disability and paid leave payments right?

FINEOS has the answer: FINEOS Absence for Employers is here to revolutionize the way your HR teams handle absence management.

HR teams need an absence management solution that aligns seamlessly with their processes. FINEOS Absence for Employers offers the most robust set of configured leave laws in the industry, ensuring compliance without the headaches.

Compliance ease with Absence for Employers

Compliance: FINEOS Absence for Employers takes care of all the complex compliance requirements, letting you focus on the personal touch for employees. It’s like compliance GPS.

Leave & disability payments: Streamline all your payment processes with just one tool. FINEOS Absence for Employers effortlessly handles payments for both leave management and disability management.

Drive HR success with data-driven decision making

HR insights are crucial to your company’s operations.

FINEOS Absence for Employers, powered by AWS QuickSight, provides dynamic operational and trending reports for data-driven decision-making. It’s like having a crystal ball for HR analytics.

The absence and claims management advantage

Be an Industry Leader: Stay ahead of the curve with FINEOS Absence for Employers, the leading provider of absence and claims technology.

It’s not just a tool – it’s your strategic partner in optimizing absence management processes.

Absence for Employers tailored to HR professionals

Configurability: Make FINEOS Absence for Employers truly yours. Our out-of-the-box tool is configurable – bring your company’s culture seamlessly into the technology for an outstanding user experience.

Intuitive Self-Service: Empower your HR teams, employees, and managers with an interface that’s not just user-friendly but anticipates needs. Self-service options put control where it belongs – in your hands.

Ready to revolutionize the way you manage absence?

Step into the future with FINEOS Absence for Employers:

  • Less admin work
  • More people time
  • Strategic HR excellence

FINEOS Absence Management for Employers Solution – Frequently Asked Questions

Absence Management for Employers is a technology solution that enables compliant processes and administration for HR professionals to manage time away from work, commonly known as a leave of absence.

Large U.S. employers who choose to manage leave and/or disability in-house.

We have launched FINEOS Absence for Employers with a convenience store chain (30,000+ employees) and a multistate P&C insurance carrier (41,000+ employees). Contact us to see a demo.

Disability; U.S. federal, state, local and company paid and unpaid leaves; and accommodations. It does not cover PTO or accrued Paid Sick Leave.

Yes, an employer can manage absence only, disability and absence, and or disability, absence, and accommodations on FINEOS Absence for Employers.

FINEOS is the leading provider of leave and disability claims technology with

  • 30,000 case manager users;
  • 8 million employees supported through our leave technology; and
  • 30 million employees supported through our disability claims technology.

Our customers! We regularly ask insurance industry leaders for feedback, and they told us that employers needed a leave management tool of their own.

Not yet, but we do plan to roll it out to other markets globally. Sign up to be notified when and where we next launch.

Many employers prefer to have their carriers use the FINEOS IDAM Solution to manage absence and disability claims. For organizations that want to handle absence themselves, FINEOS Absence for Employers offers employers the choice.

Our compliance team continuously monitors federal and state leave laws to ensure our platform is current and ready to go live with new and changing leave laws.

FINEOS Absence for Employers is an out-of-the-box product that runs on AWS. Our cloud-based tool can be configured with your company’s logo, colors, letterhead, etc. Please see our data sheet for specifics.