FINEOS Absence for Employers Datasheet

Employee leave management for Human Resources

In an era of talent shortages and expanding benefits packages, employers are looking for ways to deepen relationships with employees without adding to the administrative burden on human resources and leave teams. With FINEOS, employers can focus on their culture of care for the employee and where they are in life and work. High-performing companies recognize the value of their employees and provide an elevated approach to employee care. Employers who provide a smooth leave and accommodation experience for their employees see a more satisfied, productive and loyal workforce.

Simplify absence and disability management

FINEOS Absence for Employers simplifies the complexity of absence and disability management with a comprehensive compliance rules engine across federal, state, company and municipal laws. In addition to eliminating time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks, FINEOS Absence for Employers provides insightful reports that drill into leave reasons, durations, trends and utilization. With FINEOS Absence, employers can dramatically improve workplace outcomes by simplifying complex management processes while ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance. The configurable, cloud-based software enables organizations to brand the employee and employer portal so there is a seamless experience that reflects the caring culture of the workplace.

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