Our Purpose

Our purpose at FINEOS is “to help our customers care for the people they serve through the delivery of superior insurance technology.”

Through our purpose-led work environment of trust and collaboration where everyone is encouraged to challenge positively to deliver the best results, our employees can see the link between their work and the impact FINEOS has on the people our customers serve.

We benchmark our culture periodically, recognizing that a high-performing culture begets a high-performing organization.

Our Values

FINEOS people are high-achieving, customer-centric team players. These core values define us and guide how we think, make decisions and perform.

FINEOS values make it possible to conduct our business with integrity and to make decisions efficiently. They determine the way we work together and the how we want to be perceived.

At FINEOS, our values lay the foundation for what we care about most as a company and provide a common purpose to achieve success.

Our Way of Working

We offer our people a remote-first and hybrid working environment. This promotes a culture of trust, collaboration and flexibility that positions FINEOS as an employer of choice.

Our FINEOS Flex commitments support all people in preserving work/life balance and deliver on our FINEOS mission of “being a global market leader in core systems for group and individual life, accident and health.”

The FINEOS Flex model empowers our employees to meet business needs while balancing their personal preferences for where and how they work as part of their team.

Learning & Development

At FINEOS, our purpose is “to help our customers care for the people they serve through the delivery of superior insurance technology” and we align our learning and development objectives to achieve this.

We promote Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and provide access to learning and development for our people at all levels, catering to different learning styles, and giving employees opportunities to apply their training in the workplace.

Health & Well-Being

At FINEOS, our vision is “a world where protection from illness, injury and loss is accessible to everyone,” and our Health and Well-being program aligns to this company vision.

By creating an environment where our people are encouraged to bring their best selves to work, they are supported in achieving greater well-being by fueling themselves across three core dimensions: mind, body and life.

Our Talent Community

At FINEOS we offer innovative opportunities to learn, challenge, support and inspire. Our entire organization works to help our customers move from outdated legacy systems to our modern,  purpose-built, customer-centric FINEOS Platform.

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