What we believe

FINEOS employees are high achieving, customer-centric team players. These core values define us, shape our culture and guide how we think, make decisions and perform. At FINEOS we enjoy a work environment of trust and collaboration, where everyone is encouraged to challenge positively and collaborate to deliver the best results.


  • Provides career development and professional growth
  • Is dedicated to employee engagement and providing a healthy culture
  • Has a wide range of great sports and social events organized throughout the year
  • Works with employees to provide innovative and fun health and wellness offerings
  • Lives and promotes its values, where everyone is encouraged to challenge positively and collaborate to deliver the best results

Gender Pay Gap Reporting in Ireland 2022

Gender Pay Gap reporting was officially launched in Ireland in 2022, and all companies with a headcount of more than 250 employees in Ireland are required to publish a Gender Pay Gap report. The Gender Pay Gap is a basic calculation of the percentage difference between average hourly earnings for those who identify as men and women, regardless of the work they do. Earnings include base pay, allowances and any other bonus and incentive pay for employees in Ireland.

The pay gap is not a measurement of equal pay. It is one basic measure across all jobs, not a measure of the differences in pay between men and women doing similar work. As a result, this report will show a gender pay gap even if those who identify as men and women are paid fairly in comparable roles.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are at the very foundation of our culture here at FINEOS. As part of our Principal People Objective to “drive Organizational Health to gain competitive advantage and create a great place to work,” we are committed to recognizing the value of diversity among our employees, which includes intentionally building a work environment where all employees feel included and valued both irrespective to, and because of, their differences. We are proud of our FINEOS DEI journey to date and look forward to continuing to evolve gender pay equity and gender representation within FINEOS and our industry.

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