Our Mission

To be the global market leading SaaS core platform for group and individual life, accident and health.

We will succeed by executing on our mission. Our mission will be accomplished by driving our Principal Objectives

  • Market – grow FINEOS Claims market lead and enable fast adoption of FINEOS AdminSuite
  • Customer – create Customer Success to earn:
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy
  • Investment
  • Product – create the leading person-centric core product suite to give our customers clear competitive advantage
  • People – drive Organizational Health to gain competitive advantage and create a great place to work
  • Financial – achieve superior sustainable growth

The FINEOS Principal Objectives are supported by a series of related strategies and goals which are cascaded through our whole organization so everyone can understand and engage in what we must achieve to accomplish our mission.

We communicate, empower and collaborate openly to ensure we have organizational clarity and people alignment within FINEOS. Our internal processes and practices enable us to perform at our very best ensuring we have the right people in the right place with the right attitude and capabilities. Our people have a forward thinking, agile approach with an execution mind-set and we are also sensitive and are adaptive to our customer needs and market change.