FINEOS Provider is an integrated approach to claims and provider management that incorporates key benefits of FINEOS Claims and FINEOS Payments to simplify the complicated and matrixed approach to provider management required in today’s complex market.


  • Register and manage provider records: credentials; services and fees; payment preferences
  • Capture and automatically review / pay invoices
  • Collaborate with providers at case level
  • Rehab planning
  • Provision providers with self-service capabilities
  • Conduct analysis by service type, commencing with the largest medical treatment types by cost to the scheme, to identify the extent of over-servicing and establish more thorough clinical guidelines
  • Develop case management frameworks based on best practices to ensure that cases are handled in a consistent, high quality fashion
  • Embed procedures and systems for early identification of aberrant provider behavior
  • Eliminate manual processing and reduce process cycle times / cost


  • Unified claim financials
  • Providers fully integrated to claims process
  • Lower TCO for all parties

FINEOS AdminSuite

FINEOS Absence

  • Integrated with FINEOS Claims
  • Covered paid and unpaid leaves
  • Simplifies compliance
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FINEOS Billing

  • Combined or separate bills
  • Reduced billing leakage
  • Automated cash application
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  • Provides straight-through processing
  • Increases accuracy and compliance
  • Covers payments and return to work
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FINEOS Payments

  • Automated
  • Accurate
  • Payroll Continuity
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  • Set up cases quickly
  • Service all tiers and admin modes
  • Connect to digital ecosystem
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FINEOS Provider

  • Drive outcome-orientated engagement
  • Manage service approvals
  • Accelerate rehabilitation and return to work
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  • Fast Life, Accident and Health quoting
  • Extend quoting to distribution
  • Comprehensive workflow
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  • Real-time data manipulation
  • Automated complex rating
  • Award-wining, patented technology
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FINEOS Underwrite

  • Integrated underwriting tools
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Comprehensive quote management
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