Role-Based Portals

FINEOS role-based portals deliver turnkey customer experience designed specifically for the service needs of insurance customers in the life insurance , Accident insurance and Health insurances markets. This gives insurers the option for quick time to market based on lightweight rebranding or more extensive integration into their holistic digital presence.

The portals enable an integrated customer experience across all areas of insurance service, eliminating the fragmented paper-based service of the past.

Provide clients and customers the service they expect – and deserve

More and better digital insurance services are no longer optional. Customers and partners demand nothing less. They want personalized, relevant, and cross-platform interactions.

Role-based portals for employees, employers, intermediaries, and providers ensure the individuals have secure access to the right information to meet their needs. Feature rich and customizable, the portals provide a consistent, user-friendly experience that maximizes self-sufficiency, increases efficiency, and keeps customers satisfied.

Engagement APIs

All FINEOS portal capabilities are supported by a library of APIs which implement the core information and functional capabilities required for core digital insurance services.

This ensures that FINEOS Engage supports existing and new service channels within an insurance core system that goes beyond web portals including mobile, messaging and voice interfaces. That means customers get an integrated experience whether they look at an insurer’s web site or mobile app or interact with an AI chatbot or voice assistant.

These APIs are also available to the insurer to connect to their own enterprise portal, digital communication channels and any 3rd party platforms specific to their own business.

Ecosystem Applications

FINEOS APIs go beyond the nominal core insurance platform by providing digital services to which the insurer’s own B2B ecosystem can be integrated. Once deployed by an insurer, the FINEOS APIs appear to the world as the insurer’s own, they become part of the insurer’s presence in the API economy. This provides a platform for innovative collaboration with customer organizations, distribution channels, brokers and TPAs.

Connecting directly to the source of this information in enrollment, HR and payroll systems will revolutionize the business practices and administration costs of group insurers, brokers, TPAs and employers.

FINEOS is deploying ecosystem applications with certain strategic platforms such as, enrolment/benefit administration systems and select HCM systems. These ecosystem applications enable our customers to leverage their investment in these strategic platforms while retaining the unique capabilities and user experience of the FINEOS Platform.