FINEOS AdminSuite Datasheet

FINEOS AdminSuite – the only modern component-based group, voluntary and individual core system designed specifically for Life, Accident and Health on a single technology platform.

FINEOS AdminSuite addresses the unique challenges you face. From providing a single source of consistent and accurate information to eliminating bottlenecks in your workflows, it sets a new standard for redefining the customer experience. If you are looking to transform your legacy systems or expand your product portfolio, FINEOS AdminSuite delivers the connectivity and flexibility you need. And, its component-based architecture enables you to choose how you want it implemented – all at once or in multiple phases.

Consumers, employers and brokers now have access to powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) computing platforms and software tools that set a much higher bar for an insurer’s digital strategy. FINEOS AdminSuite is SaaS-based and has been developed using state of the art technologies to ensure it always remains current.

FINEOS AdminSuite is deployed on the FINEOS Platform, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leverages its highly reliable, secure, and scalable cloud solutions. FINEOS has achieved AWS Financial Services  Competency in recognition for demonstrating technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering solutions on AWS.

Cloud Native Core/SaaS
At the heart of FINEOS AdminSuite is a cloud-native core-business insurance platform designed to provide the security, agility, and cost effectiveness you expect from a modern SaaS platform. By leveraging cloud native technologies, FINEOS AdminSuite can scale to business needs and deliver digital service 24×7, for small businesses and large enterprises.

Smart Automation and Role-based Model
FINEOS AdminSuite provides the capabilities to use workflow, rules, AI tools and embedded best practices to create a dynamic, quick and satisfying user experience. Role-based models with pre-econfigured workflows and artificial intelligence to automate decisions simplify complexity and provide frictionless user experiences across multiple digital engagement models.

No Code / Low Code for Speed and Agility
Embedded in the FINEOS Platform are no-code capabilities that enable change without needing to write code. Business experts can use these features to redesign products and business processes, create new forms, change business rules, automate correspondence, decision making and workflows. FINEOS Platform also supports low code extensions for customer specific requirements.

Integration and Extension
The FINEOS Platform contains a microservice extension architecture, allowing new or existing systems, calculators, business rules and other capabilities to be easily linked to change and extend core system behavior. This means that any change required by the business can be implemented in a timely way without dependence on the FINEOS organization.

Comprehensive Digital Service, Engagement and Integration APIs
The FINEOS Platform is deliberately designed to connect with third party apps and other vendors. APIs are available to the insurer to connect to their own enterprise portal, digital communication channels and any 3rd party platforms specific to their own business. By using public APIs, service capabilities offered to customers and partners through more traditional channels can be quickly digitized. This helps to enable an integrated customer experience.

Ecosystems Applications
FINEOS APIs go beyond the nominal core insurance platform. Its APIs can be integrated into the insurer’s own B2B ecosystem, appearing to the world as the insurer’s own in the API economy. This enables innovative collaboration with customer organizations, distribution channels, brokers and TPAs. To allow customers to leverage their investments in other strategic platforms, FINEOS is also deploying ecosystem applications to platforms such as and select enrollment/administration systems.

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