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Video: How APIs Help You Reach the Digital Customer – Professor Mohan Subramaniam

FINEOS AdminSuite Video

Efficient Claims Administration

Delivering Superior Customer Service

Better Claimant Outcomes

Solution Innovation

Insight and Improvement

Working at FINEOS by Barry Duffy

FINEOS Values: Team Players

FINEOS Values: High Achievers

FINEOS Values: Customer Centric

FINEOS Global Summit 2014

Grand Opening of FINEOS Global Headquarters

FINEOS Global Summit 2013

Attendees Discuss the FINEOS Global Summit 2012

FINEOS Global Summit 2012

Predicting the Unpredictable: Who is Most Likely to Return to Work?

FINEOS Global Summit 2011

Perspectives on Claims Best Practices

Views on the Challenges Faced by Insurers

Effectively Managing Claims Amidst Rising Medical Costs

Insurance: Challenge to Change, David Smith, CEO, Global Futures & Foresight

Assurant Employee Benefits: Using FINEOS to Reduce Paperwork

FINEOS Perspectives: Understanding the Claims Experience

FINEOS Perspectives: The Partnership Approach with Customers