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AI in Insurance: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) models are often developed in a land far, far away from the actuarial community, typically outside of an insurance carrier’s walls. So, how can these models possibly be as effective as the real live professionals who’ve worked at the organization for years? 

FINEOS 2021 | Digital Insurance Strategy

FINEOS is a leading provider of core systems for life, accident and health insurers globally with 7 of the 10 largest group life and health carriers in the US as well as 6 of the largest life insurers in Australia. With employees and offices throughout the world, FINEOS continues to scale rapidly, working with innovative … Continued

FINEOS Responds to COVID-19

We remain committed to staying positive, motivated and connected. Listen to Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS discuss how we are supporting our customers in this video.

The genesis of FINEOS AdminSuite - a shared vision

How FINEOS and Cigna collaborated from 2015 to build FINEOS AdminSuite on the FINEOS Platform for Employee Benefits. “The real catalyst was to eliminate those legacy systems to have one joined-up process around all of their business end to end from the business perspective. And also, we could both see that absence management was going …

FINEOS APAC Summit 2019 Opening Video

The Inaugural FINEOS APAC Summit was held on 23 May 2019 in the Westin, Sydney, Australia. The exclusive event saw an engaged audience of over 100 attendees comprised of customers from over 30 APAC regional insurers, global partners and FINEOS staff. The agenda was based around the theme “Transform Core Systems to Deliver Excellent Digital … Continued

Video: How APIs Help You Reach the Digital Customer - Professor Mohan Subramaniam

APIs have emerged as a dominant force in the digital economy. By enabling unprecedented collaboration among firms for value co-creation, they are transforming how insurers develop and bring new products and services to market. This talk highlights how APIs are now forging the underpinnings of a firm’s ecosystem strategy. Dr. Mohan Subramaniam is Associate Professor …

FINEOS AdminSuite Video

An overview of the FINEOS AdminSuite comprised of pre-integrated, best-of-breed components – FINEOS Policy, FINEOS Billing and FINEOS Claims – all powered by the FINEOS Digital Platform.