What is a Workplace Accommodation and How Does it Relate to Covid-19?

What is a workplace accommodation and how does it involve COVID or the pandemic or COVID vaccines? In this video, Megan Holstein, EVP Claims and Absence, FINEOS discusses how it all starts with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and similar state laws, including state pregnancy accommodation laws. These laws require employers to provide a reasonable workplace accommodation to a qualified employee with a disability. The purpose of an accommodation is to enable the employee to perform the essential functions of their position.

Employers have so much on their plate right now with the changing workforce and the pandemic, it makes sense for employers to use their carrier leave administrator to facilitate this interactive process, and carriers using FINEOS to facilitate these steps in the interactive process for an accommodation ensures that the process is fair, efficient, and compliant. Carriers using FINEOS can be proactive in assisting employers with COVID-19 workplace accommodations. With FINEOS, carriers have a turnkey process to make appropriate accommodation or exemption assessments in handling a request for an accommodation. This will alleviate employers’ apprehension, workplace disruption, and risk.

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