FINEOS Quote is a cloud-based insurance quoting software solution designed to accelerate new business growth and profitability by automating the work required to intake RFPs and generate quotes

Key Features

Define benefits and set rules for product availability

FINEOS Quote makes it easy to define benefits and establish rules to help ensure compliance and quote accuracy.

Seamless transition from RFP intake to quoting

FINEOS Quote is built on a unified platform that uses a quoting engine which has all required information for quoting stored in one place. Information is available and accessible in real time to generate quotes quickly. Most interactions between sales and underwriting are automated.

Save frequently used templates for quick access

FINEOS Quote includes the ability to save frequently used plans and quotes for future use.  It also includes the ability to easily upload documents and missing information.

“Soft Stop” alerts

FINEOS Quote contains a “Soft Stop” feature to alert sales executives and brokers that additional information or underwriting approval will be needed before a binding quote can be generated.  This makes it possible to provide provisional quotes until the required information is available.

Cloud-based, self-service solutions for brokers

FINEOS Quote is designed to help sales executives and brokers close sales faster by providing self-service capabilities that are available 24×7 through the cloud.  Its modular design includes easily configurable interfaces to legacy systems, third party core systems and other ecosystem partners to reduce duplicate data entry and retrieve rates faster.


Increase Sales by generating more accurate insurance quotes faster with fewer rejections from insurance underwriting. FINEOS Quote can support quoting multiple products on one, unified proposal. Additionally, groups can be quoted with or without census information to support a full portfolio of business.

Improve Productivity by quickly setting up plans and immediately retrieving rates to generate real-time quotes. Modifications to proposals rates are easy to make. FINEOS Quote also makes it easy to find frequently used plans and quotes to save time.  To speed decision making, documents and missing information can easily be uploaded.

Simplified Outputs from FINEOS Quote makes it easier to answer client questions and close sales. Quote data can also provide valuable insights for product & market strategy, sales effectiveness, training needs, underwriting process, and pricing optimization.

Respond faster to change with FINEOS Quote configurable connections and extensions that enable seamless data exchange between systems. API service layers help to foster new product development, take advantage of new technologies and proactively stay ahead of the needs of the market.

Connect FINEOS Quote to your legacy system, digital ecosystem or core rating system and receive the same great results with a simplified route to implementation.

Questions about FINEOS Quote?

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FINEOS AdminSuite

FINEOS Absence

  • Integrated with FINEOS Claims
  • Covered paid and unpaid leaves
  • Simplifies compliance
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FINEOS Billing

  • Combined or separate bills
  • Reduced billing leakage
  • Automated cash application
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  • Provides straight-through processing
  • Increases accuracy and compliance
  • Covers payments and return to work
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FINEOS Payments

  • Automated
  • Accurate
  • Payroll Continuity
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  • Set up cases quickly
  • Service all tiers and admin modes
  • Connect to digital ecosystem
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FINEOS Provider

  • Drive outcome-orientated engagement
  • Manage service approvals
  • Accelerate rehabilitation and return to work
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  • Fast Life, Accident and Health quoting
  • Extend quoting to distribution
  • Comprehensive workflow
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  • Real-time data manipulation
  • Automated complex rating
  • Award-wining, patented technology
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FINEOS Underwrite

  • Integrated underwriting tools
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Comprehensive quote management
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