Integrated Disability and Absence Management

The FINEOS IDAM solution resides on the purpose-built, cloud-based FINEOS Platform, powered by AWS and delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

There are over 100 reasons to be absent from work with an ever-changing regulatory landscape, including federal, state, and municipal regulations. The FINEOS IDAM solution simplifies complexity by automating processes around paid and unpaid absences, including insurance Short Term Disability (STD) claims. Gone are the days of manual calculations, relying on spreadsheets, utilizing multiple legacy systems, or reading through a client profile database. FINEOS IDAM helps to ensure that you’re compliant. Automating and centralizing IDAM reduces both costs and hours, while a unified data archive gives you the security and analytical insight to run your operation.

FINEOS IDAM – the leading integrated disability and absence management solution

Employer/Employee Experience: Save Time, Increase Satisfaction and Improve Outcomes

• Provide an easy to use, single point of entry for disability and absence management.
• Provide easy access to Fed/State, Muni/Employer Plans.
• Improve overall user experience with AI-enhanced interfaces to guide employers and employees through the absence process.
• Enable 24×7 self-service for reporting and managing claims.
• Accommodate diverse employer-defined leave plans.

Claims: Coordinate and Manage

• Provide a single intake for claims.
• Enable integrated proxy approval for leave plans.
• Use one case manager for an entire claim.
• Automate manual calculations and reduce the use of spreadsheets.
• Gain insights from instant access to cross-functional information.
• Promote efficient return-to-work outcomes with complete case history.

Operations: Streamline and Simplify

• Eliminate data duplication, work redundancy, and automatic follow-ups from multiple systems.
• Generate coordinated correspondence and reporting.
• Simplify complexity and reduce the costs of compliance.
• Create a comprehensive benefits environment that accounts for all disability, claims and leave-related absences, including accommodations.

Key Features of FINEOS Integrated Disability and Absence Management (IDAM)

• A 24×7 single point of intake and a comprehensive view of integrated disability and absence information
• Fully-integrated functionality across front-end, middle and back-office operations
• Business-ready, pre-configured processes
• AI-enabled workflows to guide data entry and improve training
• Automated tracking and reporting of customer inquiries
• Integrated communications and streamlined followups
• Accommodates diverse employer-defined leave plans
• Unified payment stream with automated calculations for paid and unpaid leave

Outcomes of FINEOS Integrated Disability and Absence Management (IDAM)

Improved User Experience:

• Increased satisfaction from having the ability to manage employees’ life events through a single, integrated system
• Reduced frustration and cost of duplicate requests for information from providers and employees through integrated correspondence and communications
• Enhanced self-service capabilities that allow employers and employees to submit claims, upload and retrieve documents, payments and other case-related documents in a streamlined manner

Simplified Processes:

Increased engagement, productivity, and better absence outcomes from AI-enabled workflows to guide employers and employees throughout the absence process
• Reduced complexity of compliance with federal, state, and local regulation, including state-mandated and employer PFML plans
• Streamlined routing of claims assignments and follow-up scheduling

Reduced Costs and Risks: 

• Decreased costs and time associated with people having to enter data into multiple systems
• Reduced fraud and improved reserve accuracy with integrated analytics
• Reduced time and costs associated with HR research and attorney fees for regulatory compliance
• Decreased risk through automated regulatory compliance and a unified data archive

Use Data Efficiently and Effectively:

• Track and benchmark absence, insurance claims and accommodation reasons
• Score absence requests, completions and predictive Return to Work (RTW) analytics
• Identify frequency and duration trends (by codes, job type, etc.)

The FINEOS Platform

The FINEOS Integrated Disability and Absence Management (IDAM) solution is supported by the FINEOS Platform which is purpose-built for the Life, Accident and Health industry and the Employee Benefits market to seamlessly support insurers, employers, and employees on their insurance journeys. It is deployed as an end-to-end core solution or as components for incremental transformation on secure, scalable SaaS cloud technology.

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