FINEOS Extends Relationship in Claims Management with IBM

FINEOS Claims enabled to run on IBM System z

FINEOS Corporation, a global provider of innovative enterprise software solutions for insurance, bancassurance, and social insurance, has extended its relationship with IBM to enable the FINEOS Claims solution to now run on IBM System z. The IBM System z enablement will allow insurers that rely on mainframes at the heart of their enterprise infrastructure to run FINEOS solutions on their preferred platform. FINEOS, a member of the IBM ISV Advantage program, works closely with IBM around the world to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions. All FINEOS solutions, including FINEOS Claims, support IBM’s Insurance Application Architecture (IAA), are certified and scalability tested on IBM hardware and software, and can be delivered using IBM services. This integrated approach provides a high degree of compatibility with existing technology investments thus mitigating project risk and speeding implementation.

“We are pleased to work closely with IBM to deliver world-class global insurance solutions. The IBM System z enablement reinforces our commitment to supporting FINEOS clients by ensuring that all FINEOS solutions will run across every platform in the IBM eServer hardware line,” says Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS Corporation.

FINEOS Claims has been successfully implemented at many of the world’s leading institutions in insurance, bancassurance and social insurance. IBM System z is the mainframe platform of choice for top-tier enterprises running mission-critical applications. The level of testing carried out by IBM engineers at the IBM Development Lab in Böblingen, Germany, will provide additional confidence to FINEOS clients that FINEOS Claims is highly portable and easy to support, resulting in increased savings and resourcing.

Commenting on the development, Norbert Dick, General Manager, IBM Global Insurance Industry notes, “We are delighted that FINEOS has successfully enabled their insurance claims platform on IBM System z. FINEOS continues to expand upon its relationship with IBM to reach new markets for claims management. Our support of FINEOS over the years is based on a number of important factors, most notably FINEOS’ global insurance experience, the functional breadth of FINEOS solutions and the inherent flexibility of the FINEOS Insurance Platform, designed to be delivered in an open Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).”


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