FINEOS Supports the Seven Families' Initiative

FINEOS Corporation, a market leading provider of core software solutions for the global Life, Accident and Health industry announced that it is supporting the Seven Families’ Initiative designed to highlight the plight of people left financially unprotected in the event of illness or accident.

The Income Protection Task Force (IPTF), in partnership with Disability Rights UK has launched ‘Seven Families’, an industry initiative aiming to show the importance and relevance of income protection (IP). The scheme will help seven families where the breadwinner is not working because of sickness or accident with a tax-free income for one year as if they had income protection insurance in place. The scheme is supported by 17 insurers who are providing the funds and is handled by a team of seven experienced claims handlers.

FINEOS has joined the supporters and is providing its Claims system through a Cloud platform as the vehicle through which all the claims will be managed, enabling the Claims Handlers to manage each claim and use their expertise to facilitate rehabilitation and return to work for each of the seven breadwinners.

Peter Le Beau, IPTF Chairman commented: “It is excellent news that the number of supporting companies for Seven Families continues to grow. The IT and claims management expertise that FINEOS will provide the project will be incredibly important and will allow us to further improve the services we will be providing to the families”.

Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS commented: “We are supporting this important initiative in the UK to assist the industry in highlighting the importance of financial protection for illness and injury. It goes to the very heart of our vision as an organisation, which is to help create ‘a world where protection from illness, injury and loss is accessible to everyone’ and we are delighted to support this initiative as part of our corporate social responsibility”.

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