The Seven Families Initiative

The Income Protection Task Force (IPTF), in partnership with Disability Rights UK launched in November 2014 the ground-breaking ‘Seven Families’ campaign, which is backed by some of the biggest companies in the UK. ‘Seven Families’ is an industry initiative aiming to raise public awareness of the financial impact of long term illness or disability and show the importance and relevance of income protection (IP). The scheme will help seven families where the breadwinner is not working because of sickness or accident with a tax-free income for one year as if they had income protection insurance in place. The families are based in different parts of the country, come from various backgrounds and are experiencing the impacts of a range of different health conditions and injuries. The scheme is supported by 17 insurers who are providing the funds and is handled by a team of seven experienced claims handlers.

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FINEOS has joined the supporters and is providing its Claims system through a Cloud platform as the vehicle through which all the claims will be managed, enabling the Claims Handlers to manage each claim and use their expertise to facilitate rehabilitation and return to work for each of the seven breadwinners. Three of the seven families have been announced so far. The recipients will receive an income for a year as if they had originally bought a short-term Income Protection plan, paid for collectively by the group of insures supporting the campaign, to raise the profile of Income Protection. The money will be given on a charitable basis, but paid monthly to replicate what would have happened if they had cover in place originally. Crucially, the families will also be provided with vital rehabilitation which could help them to return to work. The campaign will help to highlight the importance of Income Protection, which is often cited as a difficult policy on which to advise clients. So far it has been received very positively by the national and advisory press as well as consumers. It has been featured in major British newspapers as well as local press and radio so the public exposure has been very good. The campaign has a dedicated website and links to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter: A Just Giving page has also been set up for any companies or individuals who may wish to provide additional support for the project. Further families will be announced in the coming months.

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