Friends First on Latest Version of FINEOS Claims

FINEOS Corporation, a market leading provider of core systems for Life, Accident and Health insurance, has announced the successful upgrade of its long-standing customer Friends First to FINEOS Version 8. The upgrade, which was completed last year, was mostly carried out by Friends First themselves.

FINEOS Version 8 is the result of over 100 man-years of effort. It has over 500 new features and enables customers to take advantage of add-on products including FINEOS Analytics, FINEOS Business Operational Insight and FINEOS Viewpoints (self-service web and mobile portals). The release also includes an enhanced look and feel to deliver a superior customer experience as well as improved web service integration and configuration capabilities.

Friends First is one of Ireland’s most established Life Assurance companies with more than 200,000 customers in Ireland. Friends First is fully owned by the Dutch Insurance Group, Achmea, the largest provider of Non-Life, Health and Income Protection insurance products in the Netherlands and also a leading provider of life and pensions.

Lisa Feely, Chief Operations Officer at Friends First, welcomed the upgrade.  “The project was a testament to the hard work of the Friends First team and their commitment to providing the very best claims service to our customers”.

Friends First use FINEOS Claims to manage all stages of the claims and payment processes for its Income Protection lines of business. They also use FINEOS Claims to manage aspects of their Hospital Cash and Critical Illness claims processes.  The rules and automation in the FINEOS Claims system offers timely triggers and activities to enable a more proactive approach to claims handling resulting in better management of back to work goals for the policy holder. Friends First employees can focus on providing more value-add claims management care for its customers.

Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS, also welcomed the upgrade at Friends First. “We are pleased with the continued strong customer demand for FINEOS Version 8.  In today’s competitive customer-centric carrier world there is increased pressure to keep up with digital technology to improve the customer experience. In addition, insurance carriers realise the importance of keeping in line with their vendors’ latest product releases to ensure they maximise the benefit of the ‘base’ product, while minimising their Total Cost of Ownership. Not only does this show the value our customers place on our new FINEOS features and enhancements, it also underlines the ease with which customers can upgrade.”

FINEOS is a global leader in insurance software with customers in nine countries and has been chosen by 8 of the top 20 Group Life & Health insurers in the US and 4 of the top 5 Life insurers in Australia. FINEOS has many years’ experience working with insurers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and has over 20,000 licenced users globally.

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