FINEOS announces new Webinar: ‘Snail Mail in the Digital Era – Why Insurers Need to Kick the Paper Habit’

Focusing on how Life and Health insurers can make the leap from paper to electronic communications

FINEOS Corporation, the market-leading provider of core systems for Life, Accident and Health insurance continues its best practice webinar series with Snail Mail in the Digital Era: Why Insurers Need to Kick the Paper Habit”. The webinar takes place on March 27, 2018 and will be presented by Jonathan Boylan, Chief Technology Officer, FINEOS. The event is hosted by Digital Insurance.

The objective of the session is to help Life and Health insurers understand and better meet their customers’ needs for electronic communications. In 2017, 77% of US adults used smartphones, 51% had tablets, 76% used email and 91% used the internet. We now fly without paper tickets, check out of hotels without paper bills, and receive our bank statements and utility bills online. Yet insurers like nothing better than sending mail; packages of information printed on paper, carried across the country by people in trucks. Despite their best intentions, when it comes to going paperless, many insurers are challenged by tradition, regulatory requirements and outdated systems.

In the 45-minute webinar, Jonathan Boylan will look at leaders who have successfully evolved, graduating from paper to electronic communications in order to give the customer what they want. He will discuss how some insurers are kicking the paper habit, deploying digital technology, and using digital service to win new business. To register for this webinar or to find out more about FINEOS, please go to

This webinar is part of the FINEOS Best Practice in Insurance series which has been running since 2015. Each webinar deals with a different topic and discusses common challenges facing Life and Health Insurers.

FINEOS is a global market leader in core systems with customers in nine countries and has been chosen by eight of the top 20 Group Life, Accident and Health insurers in the US and four of the top five Life, Accident and Health insurers in Australia. FINEOS has many years’ experience working with insurers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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