FINEOS Introduces next Webinar: ‘Faster, Cheaper, Easier: Straight Through Processing for Disability Claims’

STP can improve the user experience and reduce costs

FINEOS Corporation, the market-leading provider of core systems for Life, Accident and Health insurance, announced today that its next webinar will focus on how insurers can introduce Straight Through Processing (STP) to deliver an enhanced claims service for their disability claims. STP provides an automated, end-to-end process for serving the insurance customer, delivering a seamless user experience, and reducing time and effort for the insurer. Historically, insurers have seen most claims as requiring at least some touch by a claims examiner. But that attitude is changing and insurers are beginning to take advantage of STP to increase the value to their customers and reduce their own costs and efforts. FINEOS has experienced this change firsthand and is currently working with several insurers to introduce STP for their disability claims.

FINEOS will present ‘Faster, Cheaper, Easier: Straight through Processing for Disability Claims’, on 21 June at 11am Eastern. The webinar will be hosted by Digital Insurance with contributions from Chuck Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer and Barry Duffy, Claims Product Manager. Registration is via the Digital Insurance website or by clicking here. During the 45-minute session, the presenters will walk through the building blocks for straight through processing disability claims, including:

  • Digital intake
  • Member verification
  • Coverage verification
  • Document verification
  • Medical authorization and verification
  • Analytics driven segmentation
  • Automatic calculation and disbursement.

There will be a Q&A session at the end and a follow up presentation will be made available to registrants.

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