American Public Life Expands FINEOS Relationship

Original article appeared in Insurance Innovation Reporter February 2022

The insurer has licensed the FINEOS Engage Smart Connectors to simplify the digital transformation of data, reduce manual effort and increase operational efficiencies.

American Public Life Insurance Company (APL; Jackson, Miss.), a provider of supplemental worksite benefits, has expanded its relationship with FINEOS (Dublin) by licensing FINEOS Engage Smart Connectors to enhance the carrier’s data transformation capabilities. APL announced its selection of the FINEOS New Business & Underwriting Management System in April 2021.

The API-powered FINEOS Engage Smart Connectors use machine learning segmentation models to make data transformation faster, easier  and more accurate,  according to a FINEOS statement. The vendor explains that conventional processes of transferring data between employee benefit administration systems and BenAdmins (benefit administrators) often encounter numerous hurdles. One of the most notable hurdles is the risk to data integrity due to manual processes and rekeying data, which in turn significantly impacts operational efficiencies. Additionally, multiple data formats used to exchange data across the workstream can make data transformation cumbersome.

“The Group and Voluntary Benefits business has a very complex ecosystem that requires the ability for carriers integrate with and adapt to a wide range of data formats,” comments Nancy Casbarro,  VP, Research & Consulting, Aite-Novarica Group. “Tools and approaches to simplify these integrations can help address the lack of data standards in the ecosystem.”

With the FINEOS Engage Smart Connectors, APL will enable a data translation layer between employee benefit administrators and themselves by delivering normalized, structured, and validated data through modern Smart Connectors that utilize API’s and machine learning segmentation models, according to the vendor statement. The FINEOS Engage Smart Connectors empower APL to make data transformation faster, easier and more accurate, enabling data transformation between a variety of sources including existing legacy systems.

Commitment to Digital Transformation

“At any point of a data intensive process where you can eliminate manual entry, you simultaneously address operational efficiencies across multiple resources, simplify processes, and reduce errors,” says Michael Martocci, VP, Risk Management & Product Development, APL. “The adoption of the FINEOS Engage Smart Connecters in combination with the FINEOS New Business & Underwriting Management System that APL has deployed across 8 lines of business, is by far one of the most impressive commitments to digital transformation in the employee benefits market that I’ve seen recently. It’s exciting to partner with FINEOS as we continually improve our processes for the benefit of our brokers and their customers. We couldn’t be more pleased to take this journey with them.”

“We are delighted to provide American Public Life our fast, secure and reliable FINEOS Smart Connectors to make communication between the FINEOS Platform and BenAdmin business partners seamless,” comments Michael Kelly, CEO of FINEOS. “The FINEOS Engage Smart Connectors use machine learning techniques to simplify data management, which is the industry leading and innovative approach to connecting our purpose-built FINEOS Platform to the benefit administration partners that employee benefit carriers must work with to be successful,” adds Kelly.


By Anthony R. O’Donnell, Executive Editor of Insurance Innovation Reporter. 

See Press Release for more information.

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