FINEOS Webinar: Why are you not a digital insurer?

Thursday January 26 – 11am ET/8am PT/4pm GMT/5pm CET


For over twenty years, internet technology has been transforming industries by enabling digital sales and service. It’s now hard to remember when Amazon was just an online bookstore, as it has grown into the world’s largest internet retailer by both total sales and market capitalization. Other industries have followed including travel, media, and banking; often incorporating digital channels into a broader service model. While insurers have invested in digital sales and marketing technology, digital service continues to lag behind other industries. This proves especially true in Life, Disability, and Absence claims, where fragmented technology and compliance concerns continue to dominate the service model.

Join Jonathan Boylan, Chief Technology Officer for FINEOS, who examines why Life and Health insurers lag behind other industries in digital service and shows how you can leverage the FINEOS Insurance Cloud today to shake off your legacy shackles.

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