Reflections on FINEOS Customer Connect: A Day of Innovation and Collaboration

Having  recovered from the jet lag and a busy week in New York, I’ve been reflecting on our FINEOS Customer Connect event. Over 100 customers, prospects and partners of FINEOS gathered at the Westin in Times Square to learn about the latest FINEOS product releases and to hear our strategy, roadmaps and participate in employee benefits industry conversations on shared experiences.

Our CEO, Michael Kelly, expressed our sincerest gratitude to all our customers for their loyalty and investment (whether at the event or not) as he reinforced our very focused investment to help carriers transform their core systems to our modern FINEOS Platform for Employee Benefits – Quote to Claim – to improve their operational performance and customer experience.

Our customer panel discussion, moderated by Nick Rockwell of Eastbridge Consulting, was very insightful and the 3 carriers represented (Unum, NYL-GBS and Beneva (Canada) all told stories about how they have moved to the FINEOS Platform to retire legacy systems and deliver real benefits.  Matt Marze of NYL-GBS talked about the journey of eliminating 6 legacy core systems to re-platform the whole group book on to the single FINEOS Platform for Policy, Billing, Claims and Absence Management.  There was huge interest in this from the room as many carriers have struggled to completely transform their core systems.  Miloje Stevanovic of Unum talked about their FINEOS Platform for IDAM (integrated disability and absence) supporting their market growth, which has been phenomenal over the past couple of years.  Eric Trudel talked about Beneva’s move to the FINEOS Platform and how, in particular, the FINEOS Portals improve the customer experience.  All three carriers talked about the importance of supporting the business needs and measuring success through business results.  There was a strong sense in the room that being a FINEOS Platform for Employee Benefits customer means you have a real competitive edge for operational and customer success.

One of the exciting things about working in core systems technology is the endless possibilities to improve an organization’s ability to serve their customers. We can move to levels that were unimaginable 10, 5 or even 2 years ago – the pace of change is that fast. Particularly motivational for everyone in the room was the joined sense of purpose we all share in this Life, Accident and Health  industry, where we are often helping that individual person or family who could be in a vulnerable position due to a necessitated leave of absence take care of a family member or due to a breadwinner being in an accident or having an illness which prevents them from being at work– this is hugely rewarding to us.

Our customers listened and watched exciting updates on our most recent quarterly product releases for FINEOS AdminSuite, FINEOS Claims, FINEOS Absence and FINEOS New Business & Underwriting. We also saw exciting FINEOS Product developments in AI/ML and a demonstration of ChatGPT as a Copilot to pull all relevant information together for the cases within our FINEOS Claims product.  AI innovation and regulatory compliance are both moving at such a fast pace and all of this is being fully embraced by FINEOS to improve the experiences of the people our customers serve – the end customer.

Of course, an innovative platform like FINEOS is at its most powerful when there are tremendous people behind it – both delivering it and using it. Our passion for our customers’ success was excellently articulated by FINEOS Chief Customer Success Officer, Marc Flynn. FINEOS is dedicated to ensuring that we don’t just deliver the platform – we are there with our SI partners to ensure our customers maximize the benefits of the FINEOS Platform to drive business results.

Personally, being part of a team showcasing an Irish company in New York, a city with such a deep Irish connection, was an exciting experience.  Just as I was walking through Times Square, reflecting on how well the week was for FINEOS, every screen turned a deep blue to advertise software company Stripe, founded by two young Irish entrepreneur brothers – a good reminder to us at FINEOS to stay focused and ambitious for our customers!

Thank you, from the FINEOS team, for attending the FINEOS Customer Connect Day and making it a success. If you would like any follow up, please get in touch.

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