Claims Management & Technology in 2020 - Presentation at the Annual Canadian Reinsurance Conference

We are delighted to announce that David Nicolai, Senior Vice President, FINEOS will be presenting at the 58th Annual Canadian Reinsurance Conference.

The Conference takes place on April 2nd 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The 2014 Conference Theme is: REflect. REwire. REsurge.

David will be presenting during a session entitled “Claims Management & Technology in 2020”.

The session will highlight research conducted by SelectX regarding life and disability claims against the backdrop of today’s technology enabled world.  It will then cover the technology available today that insurers are leveraging to provide an overall enhanced customer service experience, often times more efficiently than before (“more for less”).  Finally, the session will highlight technology trends that are in their infancy today that could become commonplace by 2020 and their impact on processing claims.

Claims Management & Technology in 2020 will REflect on the ever broadening service expectation gap, created through historical under-investment in new technology for Claims Operations.  The session will touch on the current state of developments and how, by 2020, there will have been a REwiring and REsurging through greater use of state-of-the-art technology. By hearing about recent findings from a major global claims technology survey and a review of the current capabilities of claims processing technology, participants will take away a better understanding of the future requirements and business case necessary for ensuring the best technology is being procured to support the Claims management function.

The session will be moderated by Mark Foerster, Vice President, Group Operations & Claims, Munich Reinsurance Company Canada Branch (Life) and also feature Peter Maynard, Director,  SelectX Ltd.

For further information or to book a meeting with FINEOS for during the conference, please contact