DMEC Tools & Tactics Webinar: I Have to Manage How Many Different Leave Laws?

  • Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • 9:00 am Pacific | 12:00 pm Eastern
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The complexity of leave laws at federal, state, and municipal levels can be daunting. This one hour webinar will take a dive into the various leave laws and their interaction, while outlining the most highly used, and the most complex. We will also identify leave regulations that are already met through your current absence benefit program. Join us as we dissect these overlapping laws, and make the complex finally feel manageable.

Learning Objectives

  • Review categories and understand the most complex leave laws.
  • Discuss leave law examples met with current absence benefit programs.
  • Explore the most highly-utilized leave laws.

Presented by:

Randi Weir Simmons, AVP, Absence Management, FINEOS

Marjory Robertson, AVP & Senior Counsel, Sun Life Financial

Hosted by:

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