LIMRA Annual Virtual Conference 2021

FINEOS is thrilled to sponsor the LIMRA Annual Virtual Conference 2021, Shaping a More Purposeful Future, which will  accommodate audiences virtually October 26 – 28, 2021.



There is no better time to reaffirm our industry’s purpose of protection and security than after the year we’ve just been through. Consumers have been buying insurance in increasing numbers since the pandemic hit. It’s forced the idea of financial protection for loved ones and our own mortality to be top of mind for consumers in a way very few events have.

Business leaders now have a better sense of what can, and cannot, be done outside their companies’ traditional processes. Mobile and digital adoption — a change that has long been on the horizon — accelerated during the pandemic. These new virtual tools have created more dynamic interactions with our customers by introducing new levels of automation and policyholder personalization. In short, the pandemic has forced both the pace and scale of workplace innovation.

Join FINEOS at LIMRA’s 2021 Annual Virtual Conference as we focus on strategies that will help us emerge stronger and with a clearer understanding of our purpose.

If you are attending the conference, would like more information about connecting with FINEOS please contact