LIMRA Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar

FINEOS is delighted to sponsor the 2017 LIMRA Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar which will take place in Orlando on February 1 -2, 2017.

We’d love to meet you there to discuss our FINEOS AdminSuite.  To book at appointment to speak to us, please contact

Information on the Seminar:

Technology continues to change the way employees enroll in benefits. What technology strategy or solution has your organization developed to manage the employee enrollment process? Are you aware of all the available technology solutions that can help you? Are you using the right tools to reach your target markets? The LIMRA 2017 Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar will help you answer these questions and connect you to your industry peers and leaders in enrollment technology. Attend the event to learn about the latest tools, network and share insights, and identify the best ways to overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Come away from the seminar with the knowledge and confidence that you can improve your business!