FINEOS Virtual Exchange

Join us for the inaugural FINEOS Virtual Exchange on Tuesday March 31, 2020 at 11:30am ET, when customers andĀ FINEOS come together for a conversation to:

  • Share latest product updates
  • View product demos
  • Participate in live Q and A sessions with product experts

Your total commitment time is aboutĀ 3 hours.

FINEOS Virtual Exchange Agenda

FINEOS Strategy Update – Michael Kelly, CEO

FINEOS Platform: Update Themes and Overview with Live Q&A – Eoin Kirwan, Head of Product Management

FINEOS IDAM Solution: Navigating a Path Through PFML and More with Live Q&A – Megan Holstein, SVP Claims and Absence Product and Rob Say, Product Manager

FINEOS Claims: Key Elements for Automatic Claims Processing with Live Q&A – Barry Duffy, Product Manager and Christy Traupe, Product Market Manager

3 Ways FINEOS AdminSuite Drives Your Business Forward with Live Q&A – Dan Watt, VP Product Management and Alison Carter, Product Manager

Closing Remarks with Live Q&A – Chuck Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer

For further information and registration, please contact us.