The best thing about FINEOS is the opportunity to experience new challenges and develop new skills.

FINEOS trusts people who have proven themselves at one level to step up and take on new challenges, always with excellent training, mentoring and support.

My career progression has been from the detail of requirements analysis and feature design through to larger-scale product architecture and now heading up the Product Management team.

In Product Management we are focused on researching new and innovative features to take the product forward. So my current role empowers me to influence the overall direction of products whose detailed features I once worked on.

The role brings direct exposure to the latest trends and topics in enterprise applications, from portals and mobile to Software-as-a-Service. FINEOS makes real and continuous investments in improving its products, so there is always the opportunity to see ideas come to fruition.

As one of the (relative!) old-timers, having been with FINEOS for 14 years, I have certainly seen plenty of change and growth, from 25 people in a converted Georgian residence to a market-leading globalised company. We have somehow retained the best characteristics of a smaller organisation. The culture is one of energy, co-operation and yes, a good deal of fun.

FINEOS is of a size where it is big enough to properly resource new initiatives and yet small enough to embrace change quickly. It is big enough to be committed to adopting worldwide best practice, but small enough that its staff know each other personally and interact directly, positively and informally.

Product Management in particular is a uniquely positioned team with touchpoints into almost all aspects of FINEOS’ business including sales, engineering, pricing, marketing and implementations, giving us a 360 degree perspective on the workings of a software company.

I enjoy working directly with FINEOS clients around the world (the opportunity to travel to exotic and not-so-exotic global locations is another bonus!). Our clients are like business partners, and we are fortunate to have friendly relations based on co-operation for mutual success.