Jonathan Boylan

Jonathan Boylan drives the FINEOS technology strategy and keeps FINEOS up to date with this fast changing landscape.  In previous roles, Jonathan was responsible for product development and engineering. Jonathan focuses on keeping FINEOS ahead of the competition and abreast of customers’ ever-changing technology needs.

As Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan is focused on representing FINEOS as our spokesperson on technology and platform and helps to increase the business value of the FINEOS Platform to our prospects and customers. A strong understanding of insurance and the creative application of new technology and software design to insurance distinguish his 30-plus year career.

Jonathan joined FINEOS in 1995 to direct product design, authoring several FINEOS patents. In the early 2000s, he led the strategic redevelopment of the FINEOS product to Java. He has held key positions in the management of application design, technology architecture and product development.

As a member of the FINEOS Leadership Team, Jonathan helps define and execute strategy at FINEOS. He is responsible for the FINEOS Pre-Sales team and plays a key role in the direction of the FINEOS R&D program.