FINEOS Webinar: The New Reality of the Employee Benefits Market

From Front Office Disruption to Back Office Transformation

The US Employee Benefits market continues to go through rapid change as insurers stretch existing processes and systems to support new products, new regulations and new market expectations.

The need to play in new distribution models, tune product portfolios to serve either a more open or more targeted market and meet still evolving regulatory requirements, drives a strong focus on front office process and technology change which is straining the insurers back office capability to administer and service this business.

In this session, we discuss strategies to help insurers plan a deliberate back office transformation that provides less risk than “Big Bang” transformation strategies and more strategic value than last generation legacy system wrapper-ing approaches.

Key topics include:

  • How front office business model change is impacting back office systems requirements.
  • The need to raise our game around total user experience in the Employee Benefits market.
  • What is Book Ending and how can it help strategic back office transformation while reducing risk.
  • A practical framework to prioritize and sequence system replacement projects to meet the new market needs.

Featured Speakers:

Tom Scales
Research Director

Chuck Johnston


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