FINEOS Webinar: The Rise of Critical Illness Insurance: Global Lessons for US Insurers

Changes to healthcare insurance laws (ACA), shifting employer benefit priorities, and new distribution channels have all contributed to an increasing demand for Critical Illness Insurance, causing insurance providers to tweak the structure and delivery of their existing CI offerings or even to enter this market for the first time.

Fortunately, while CI may feel like a relatively new/uncertain product for insurers in the US, it has been around and successful globally for quite some time, with its first policy created over 30 years ago in South Africa.

This webinar examines the global Critical Illness market and provide a blueprint for things to come in the US.  Most importantly, this webinar explores:

  • Why CI sales will continue to increase
  • Options for administering this product
  • The increasing role and importance of the Claims department as it relates to CI
  • FINEOS Claims for Critical Illness

Presented by: David Nicolai, Senior Vice President, FINEOS



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